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Are you drawn to a holistic worldview? Would you like to learn how to work effectively with individuals, groups, and whole systems as a holistic counselor or holistic leader? The Holistic Graduate programs at Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode Island offer a unique blend of three programs: Holistic Counseling, Holistic Leadership, and The Expressive and Creative Arts Programs.

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We are uniquely positioned at a beautiful campus on the Atlantic Ocean to provide master’s level graduate work with holistically-focused training in whole systems counseling and leadership. We continuously offer new programs and certificate options to reflect the transformation taking place worldwide among people who are drawn to a holistic worldview, and who search for programs like ours that reflect their desire to incorporate body/mind/spirit into their lives and professions.

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The Holistic Counseling Program is designed to develop counselors and leaders who value integration of body, mind, and spirit and who see integration as wholeness, an essential expression of personal health. The holistic counselor or leader understands that personal health also depends upon individual experiences of connectedness with the human community and with the natural world that supports it. They are aware that many of today’s mental, physical, and social illnesses stem from a lack of integration – disintegration, resulting in persons dissociated from themselves, the community, and the environment.

The program’s primary goal is to develop well-trained master’s level practitioners capable of working effectively with individuals and groups in ways that reflect the program’s philosophy. Holistic studies facilitate student mastery of theoretical material related to the holistic perspective, as well as the counseling process as a practical art.

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

salve regina university holistic leadership

Holistic Leadership is an integrative field of study. Students learn skills that are important to lead individuals, groups, and large organized systems in a time of change and transformation. By combining holistic approaches, interpersonal communication skills, organizational learning, and systems thinking, students learn to lead within their own personal and professional spheres. Students also learn to see personal, group, and larger systems through multiple lenses and to apply critical thinking, inquiring, and reflective analysis to leadership. Students are introduced to both western and nonwestern leadership principles and models and to the art of leading system change and transformation.

The leadership program offers a 36-credit master's degree in holistic leadership. Graduates of the Salve Regina holistic counseling program may earn a 12-credit Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies or a 12-credit Certificate of Graduate Studies in holistic leadership. Applicants to the holistic leadership certificate program who already have a master's or an undergraduate (in some instances) degree from an accredited university other than Salve Regina may be eligible for admissions into a Certificate of Graduate Studies program in holistic leadership. Upon review of a potential student's application, and on a case-by-case basis, applicants may be required to take additional holistic foundation courses in order to be fully matriculated into the CAGS and CGS programs.

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A 15-credit addendum in the Expressive and Creative Arts can be added to the 48-credit Master of Arts Degree in Holistic Counseling, resulting in a 63-credit Master of Arts and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Holistic Counseling: Concentration in the Professional Applications of Expressive and Creative Arts. This program provides students with an opportunity to specialize in the intermodal uses of the expressive and creative arts in psychotherapy, education, medical caregiving and the corporate environment.

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  • Classes are offered at our Newport campus
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