Spring 2011 Starspeak Forecast

"Happiness does not come about only due to external circumstances; it mainly derives from inner attitudes." —His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Welcome! Spring is around the corner at last! It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter. For what feels like an eternity I’ve searched for any hint of spring, a cheerful crocus poking from a flowerbed, treetops’ swelling buds, a returning songbird or the rising arc of the Sun. Besides the endless snow and cold there has also been a cosmic component to the departing season. You might call it living at the “astrological edge.”

We are on the cusp of important celestial movements. Two of the three slow-moving outer planets are poised to change signs. First, electric Uranus will commence with a new tour of the zodiac. On March 11th the Great Awakener returns to Aries for the first time in almost eighty years. Expect change for the better, a giant leap forward in technology and human consciousness. The most recent visit of Uranus to Aries saw the popularization of air travel, starting with Lindbergh’s dramatic solo flight across the Atlantic. How technology will unite us remains to be seen, but this seminal event is quickly followed by another huge change.

Less than a month later, during the morning of April 4th, Neptune enters Pisces. Not since the mid-19th century has this mysterious planet of altruism and compassion visited its own sign. In that era the passage through Pisces coincided with the birth of numerous philosophical, religious and social organizations, Transcendentalism, Mormonism and the Red Cross, to name a few. Spiritualism was the rage. Thousands attended demonstrations by mediums contacting the spirits of departed loved ones. In small towns parlor séances and ouija boards were commonplace. The coming decade is certain to see a renewed fascination with the occult and hopefully, more of the humanitarian spirit that acknowledges we are all in this life together.

So, besides the fact that the next three months take us from the biting chill winds of early March to late May’s caressing breezes, astrology tells us that we stand at the threshold of an exciting new era. I can’t help but smile while contemplating these evolutionary changes.

Aries March 21-April 19

March 2011

March’s opening aspect is Venus’ sextile to Uranus, exact during the late morning hours of Tuesday the 1st. This upbeat, socially adventurous alignment may trigger numerous flirtations as well as amusing encounters. Pleasant vibrations continue throughout the week. A different sextile, this one between Mars and Pluto, occurs the night of Thursday the 3rd. This angle fosters a “can do” attitude, essential to effectively tackling any task. Organize assets, strengthen alliances, delegate assignments and prepare to begin another lunar cycle.

The new Moon in Pisces takes place at 3:46 PM on Friday the 4th. The potent array of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Uranus, all in the sign of the fishes, encourages the fullest expression of personal creativity, now and in the weeks ahead. Saturday night social events crackle with excitement as the Moon passes by Uranus. Original dress and eccentric behavior is in! Moods remain cheerful as mental Mercury reaches a conjunction with Uranus on Wednesday the 9th. Remember, Uranus is just days away from changing signs. There may be some interesting revelations this week, as well as strong hints of what the future holds. Heed your intuition. Group meditations and healing circles may venture out into profound territory.

Venus forms a very friendly sextile with Jupiter the morning of the 10th. Some folks feel extraordinarily blessed, loved or generous. The glow is diminished that night when the Taurus Moon tests Neptune. Pay close attention to purses, wallets and other valuables the second half of the day. Friday the 11th sees Uranus change signs as well as a host of enjoyable lunar aspects. This jolly day culminates with one of the season’s finest evenings for socializing.

The weekend is less easy-going. Saturday evening’s first quarter Moon amplifies disagreements. Mercury is also at odds with Pluto on Sunday, dimming the prospects of finding a reasonable compromise. Tough lunar aspects also increase stress levels. Thoughts add fuel to the fire of surging feelings. Try to keep a lid on explosive emotions. Avoid finger pointing. Moods improve dramatically during the afternoon of Monday the 14th as Venus aligns with Saturn. Common sense and courtesy again prevail.

The more forgiving, more optimistic spirit is enhanced by Mercury’s Tuesday night conjunction with Jupiter. A page of life appears to have been turned. We now sprint headlong towards a full Moon but first there is one more big hurdle to clear. On Friday the 18th Mercury opposes Saturn. A reluctant partner or family member may require kid glove handling. Inner doubt, rooted in past disappointments, could surface. The Virgo Moon’s opposition to Mars further complicates matters. Slow down. Do your best to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. Frustrated, you may feel like howling at the Moon tonight.

The full “Worm” Moon is exact at 2:10 PM EDT on Saturday, March 19th. The endless capacity of the human mind to invent, imagine and create is highlighted. Get together with friends during the day and visit a place of special inspiration. Tread softly late Saturday night while the Moon, by now in Libra, squares Pluto. Sunday evening sees the entry of the Sun into Aries and the official start of spring!

Upon arrival in Aries the Sun is at once in conjunction with Uranus. The aspect is exact Monday morning the 21st. This could be the time to purchase a new computer or other technologically advanced equipment. A new joint venture or humanitarian enterprise may also take form. Dreams offer interesting insights as Venus overtakes Neptune this week. Don’t take risks with resources and investments, especially on Wednesday the 23rd. That evening is favorable for meeting people from all over the globe, attending a lecture and broadening your mind. On Friday the 25th mixed trends caution against trying to do too much too soon. Astrological indicators are tricky the next week or so. Keep your wits about you. At all times have personal goals in mind and think carefully before speaking or acting.

The Venus/Neptune conjunction is exact Saturday night. The aspect can be a fabulous signature of purest, unconditional love, incredible romance or quite the opposite — deliberate deception, theft and dishonor. Being a romantic at heart, I say enjoy a grand time but keep an eye on priceless items.

A solar square with Pluto as well as Jupiter’s opposition to Saturn can create difficult choices on Monday the 28th. Job and financial pressures may feel overwhelming. Bosses can be irascible. More fortunate angles later in the day suggest that a cooperative, considerate approach will defuse tensions. Hopeful and fruitful trends continue through midweek. Mental Mercury turns retrograde the afternoon of Wednesday the 30th. Don’t be surprised by a change of heart or mind. March ends and April begins under a nearly two-day long void-of-course Pisces Moon, providing ample opportunity for mulling over recent events.

Taurus April 20-May 20 

April 2011

Even jokesters may find their jests falling flat on the listless 1st. The waning Pisces Moon is void-of-course, nearly at the end of its cycle and Mars is preparing to begin anew in Aries. Relax. Saturday the 2nd brings an energetic upsurge. The refreshed Moon, now in Aries, ignites what will be a fixture in the heavens for years to come, a challenging square between Uranus and Pluto. The test lies in confronting difficulties, setting priorities and making adjustments. These Uranus/Pluto confrontations are infrequent. Their last square occurred at the start of the Great Depression, some eighty years ago. As it did then, the alignment foretells major social changes, some for the better, some more dubious. We must all be vigilant, and yes, protective of each other.

The “green light” Aries new Moon is on Sunday morning the 3rd. The Sun and Moon sit high in the morning sky, along with Jupiter and retrograding Mercury. Across the zodiac stands Saturn, directing traffic, reminding us of our responsibilities and duties. Mars is also conjunct Uranus. An outbreak of hostilities may occur on the world stage or in the kitchen. Watch your temper and if driving, your speed.

Neptune floats into Pisces on Monday the 4th. Medical advances make headlines around this time. The void-of-course Moon gets the working week off to a shaky start. Stick with familiar routines. Tuesday brings a perceptible upturn. The Moon is in Taurus, her sign of exaltation. Here, she forms favorable angles with Pluto and Venus. The yearly conjunction of the Sun and optimistic Jupiter happens Wednesday morning. Things are looking up! Productivity rises and continues to be strong right into the weekend of the 9th and 10th. After an enjoyable day, Saturday night social plans can be disrupted by unforeseen complications. Deal with the changes. Relax close to the nest on Sunday.

Monday the 11th has its tense moments but positive thinking will see you through all difficulties. Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter illuminates the high road. There follows a handful of relatively calm and fruitful days. These quiet trends end abruptly with the arrival of the weekend of the 16th and 17th. On Saturday the almost full Libra Moon veers from one testing aspect to another. Co-dependent, people-pleasing behavior provides scanty returns. Stake out your positions and stick with what you know to be fair and true.

The chart of the Libra full Moon, exact at 10:44 PM EDT on Sunday the 17th reveals the continuing need for co-operation between partners. Five planets in gung-ho Aries outweigh the powers of the Moon and Saturn, both in the sign of balance. Life does not always appear to be fair. Nonetheless, trust in the laws of karma: what goes around comes around. Even if you think you’ve been short-changed, remember, self-respect is priceless. Face present challenges with dignity and courage. Trust that in the end all will be well.

When Mars opposes Saturn on Monday morning the 18th a successful outcome may not be readily apparent. Numerous delays crop up that day, but for most of us the remainder of the month brings easier going. Retrograding Mercury aligns with Mars the morning of the 19th. Don’t persist in nonproductive actions. This is the time to think of new ways around old obstacles.

The Sun reaches the fertile skies of Taurus after daybreak on Wednesday the 20th. A daylong series of agreeable aspects comforts and inspires. The Sun’s sextile to Neptune warms hearts and may evoke memories of tender moments shared with loved ones. Momentum increases on Thursday. The free-spirited Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter at midday. Travel agents and websites are busy. On Friday work is demanding yet productive. That evening finds Venus conjunct Uranus. Put on your party clothes. Fun times are at hand. For some, a love at first sight occurrence is a distinct possibility. 

Mercury resumes forward motion on Saturday the 23rd. Improved communication skills are helpful when dealing with prickly, self-centered individuals. Conflicting influences generate socially awkward moments during Sunday evening’s last quarter Moon. Simultaneous lunar sextiles to Uranus and Venus make clear who is a friend and who is not. For some individuals, holding on to possessions can be the focus. Venus squares Pluto the morning of the 27th and opposes Saturn on the 30th. These “hard” aspects magnify differences and can test even the strongest alliances. Financial losses are another possibility. As the late great Indian Swami Satchidananda said, “Nothing is ever taken from us that is truly ours.” The same aspects also teach us wisdom, revealing what is most important. These lessons can galvanize ties, making them emotionally richer and more durable.

Gemini May 21-June 19

May 2011

A tip o’ the hat to Beltane celebrants. May Day comes on like a fireball as six planets — Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon — gather in “off to the races” Aries. Put on your running shoes and get ready to boogie. The close alignment of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter make Sunday’s morning hours zip by. Get-up-and-go enthusiasm is off the charts. Things slowly settle down the second half of the day. Monday, energy levels droop under the vanishing Moon.

Life’s pace is slow as the new Moon in Taurus arrives on Tuesday the 3rd. Progress may be hampered until a breakthrough lunar aspect to Uranus brightens the afternoon of the 4th. Productive trends make Thursday and Friday fruitful. Supportive stars foster evening celebrations on both days.

In time for the Mother’s Day weekend, the Moon enters Cancer, the sign of Mom, home and apple pie traditions. Saturday has its challenges; overly controlling behavior and bad timing can put a damper on activities. Sunday’s biggest test may be the temptation to overdo. Hold the line on spending and eating but be sure to lavish Mom with love and appreciation. Who doesn’t like to be acknowledged? The pending conjunction of Mercury and Venus, exact the morning of the 9th, does much to promote warmth, civility and happy times.

Tensions can be minimized on the first quarter Moon day of Tuesday the 10th if deference is shown to those who have earned their stripes. Night owls are in for pleasant surprises. Be alert to incoming messages. On the 11th Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are cosmic cheerleaders. The effusive trio encourages great generosity of spirit and breadth of mind. Think outside the usual parameters. Inspiration comes from multiple sources. The Moon, now quite obviously in the stage of increase, propels us onward.

Mars arrives in Taurus the morning of the 11th, followed by Venus and Mercury on Sunday the 15th. The three planets all harmonize with Neptune. Dreams seem attainable. Plan or embark on a grand vacation, humanitarian mission or spiritual quest. Follow your heart’s desires and prepare for the full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio, exact at 7:08 AM EDT on Tuesday the 17th. This early morning full Moon speaks of resources, how we manage, sustain and share them. Remember to plant hardy early crops between the new and full Moons.

Powerful alignments between Venus, Mercury, Mars and Pluto culminate as the Sun enters Gemini on Saturday the 21st. Equality and intelligent resource management continue to be on the minds of many folks. Fortunately, the current aspects promote prosperity as well as the astute use of innate abilities and assets. Passions run high as Venus overtakes Mars. Saturday night fever quickens the beating of romantic hearts. Be socially active this weekend but also be sure to exercise commonsense cautions with food, drink and medications as the Sun tests Neptune early Sunday morning.

A last quarter Moon may raise a few hackles during Tuesday afternoon, the 25th, but it’s nothing serious. Look to the future rather than dwell on the past. The Memorial Day weekend begins slowly, gathers speed on Sunday the 29th and then settles into a relaxed, friendly mood when the Taurus Moon joins loving Venus and passionate Mars that Monday. Take it easy as the month draws to a close and the Moon again wanes. Keep looking up!


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