St. Patrick Offers Breast Cancer Insight

Hi Carol,

Linda's wonderful and informative article on breast cancer in this issue of SOC [“Breast Health 101: What’s Best for the Breast” by Linda Marks] reminded me of a channeling session I had last year with my spirit guide, St. Patrick. A few years ago he gave me information (which you kindly published) about healing breast cancer and this is a follow up article. I asked him for additional info then because I was working with a Reiki client with breast cancer. This was his answer to some of my questions.

Mary MacLaren

St. Patrick: “There are many aspects to breast cancer. When speaking about illness in general, some people may say, “This illness has exactly this cause,” but that’s not the case. They may say, “I have this cold because I caught a virus.” However there is not just one single clear-cut reason for getting an illness. Someone may get sick because their immune system was low, because there was a lesson to be learned and because they picked up a virus. Behind any illness there is this amazing dance, more complicated than people can imagine.

With breast cancer there are specific paths, reasons or opportunities that come with it. For some women it’s that they have been the nurturers and now it’s time for them to be nurtured. It’s time for them to own being loved, appreciated and supported. Many women were not appreciated or nurtured anywhere in their lives, but because breast cancer is such a force to be reckoned with, they are now compelled to focus on themselves instead of on others. So, it can be a wake-up call, but it can also be a blessing in showing them that, “You have worth dear one, you are beloved and here’s an opportunity for you to ask for, to open up to and to receive love.” This disease will show them who in their life is truly supportive, who is really there for them, as opposed to those who say they’re there. They will be shown who truly does love them.

For some women, the disease is about their image of who they are. There is much more cancer in the western world than in other countries that are less caught up in what a woman has to look like to be desirable. For many women, the cancer is a way to look at who they are as a woman and where their worth really lies. The illness provides a way to unplug from the crazy perception in your culture that how sexy and desirable a woman is to men, how large her breasts are, is how her worth or value is determined. So it’s a wake-up call for the whole culture because when a woman has breast cancer and then possibly has her breasts removed, it is her partner, her friends and her family that have to confront where her real worth is and how she is a woman if she does not have breasts.

There’s a toxic belief system that runs through your culture. These toxins get gathered up and aggregate in the breast tissue. So this disease is not always just about the individual woman; it’s about the whole culture. It’s the advertisements, the clothing manufacturers, the TV shows that all propagate this myth, this very bad story of where a woman’s worth lies. So the disease provides an opportunity for healing in learning “Where does a woman’s worth lie?” It’s not in any aspect of her body. Her value does not lie in how her body looks or whom it serves. That is one reason why this culture has so much breast cancer right now.”