Starspeak – Summer 2006

Wheel Of The Signs Of The Zodiac, Figures And Symbols Of The Horoscope“I sang of the dancing stars,
I sang of the daedal earth,
And of heaven, and the giant wars,
And love, and death, and birth.”
— Percy Bysshe Shelley, “Hymn of Pan”


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Blue skies, sunshine and big white puffy clouds are my idea of a perfect summer’s day. You could travel anywhere in the world but no place tops summer in New England. Here’s heaven: golden days spent traipsing the Berkshire Hills of Connecticut and cycling the sun-drenched sandy shores of Cape Cod and the islands; exploring rock tossed Cape Ann, coastal Maine and the deep woods of Vermont and New Hampshire. The region is a treasure trove of natural beauty and historic sites. I feel blessed to work and play in these ancient lands.

My star calendar pegs the start of summer at 8:26 the morning of June 21st. The Solstice horoscope offers us a map of the trials and adventures that lie ahead, as well as the tools needed to traverse them. Despite a reputation for being the season of easy living, Summer 2006 promises to see old challenges linger and new ones appear. Let’s take a quick run through some of the major aspects of the ingress chart and make sense of the territory that awaits us.

The Sun is directly across the chart wheel from Pluto. An opposition implies a confrontation is consciously or subconsciously expected. Usually, the opposing parties will need to make compromises. In this case the source of life, the Sun in Cancer, is inclined to hold onto the ways of the past. Pluto symbolizes both the concentration of power and the disintegrating forces from within. To gain in wisdom we must surrender our attachments to limiting thoughts and emotions. Only then might Pluto’s transformational nature be unleashed. Pluto, known in mythology as Lord of the Underworld, also represents death and treasures, among them oil, hidden deep within the bowels of the earth.

The Sun/Pluto opposition is a clear signal that we are in flux on many levels. Everyone is faced with the need to adapt. The rising cost of petroleum products is one symptom of an evolving process. Our region’s many beautiful rivers powered the Industrial Revolution. Why not utilize the same power to create much needed alternative energy now? When Pluto is active, overlooked resources often lie at our feet, waiting to be discovered. This is actually a great time for visionary political leaders to come forward and commit to a post-fossil fuel future. The troubling divisions of wealth and power will also be important to watch. How can we work together for the good of all?

The Solstice chart also features a tight square between perfection seeking Saturn and high rolling Jupiter. When these two clash, balance and proportion become distorted. Things like right and wrong, doing too much or too little, can be hard to judge.

Saturn is conjunct Mars. The red planet joins Saturn in squaring Jupiter. Saturn places Mars in restrictive circumstances. Many people, especially those in authority, will feel their hands are tied. If they do act, their action may seem forced or clumsy. The squares to Jupiter trigger sharp political and religious debates.

Add to the mix the Taurus Moon, high atop the chart, opposite Jupiter and square to both Saturn and Mars. The Moon rules the general public; thus it falls upon the shoulders of “ordinary” citizens to demand that their elected representatives follow the peoples’ will. Clearly the current administration in Washington has turned a deaf ear upon most working Americans. Astrologically speaking, there is little to suggest that this pattern of behavior is about to change.

Saturn and Mars are also opposite confusing Neptune, the other “petroleum” planet. The first salvos of future oil wars may be launched on lies or a foolish misunderstanding. The Saturn/Neptune opposition lingers throughout the summer. Tradition associates this aspect with trickery, treachery and scandal. Use your best judgment and shy away from doubtful situations.

Harmonizing angles from libertarian Uranus to both the Moon and Jupiter favor progressive forces. Forward thinking Uranus is also the planet of technology. Hope remains that champions of freedom may yet succeed, using democratic tools like the Internet. Bloggers and online organizations play an important role in the political process this summer. Cable television shows also galvanize public opinion. A “can do” attitude in the private sector may lead to discoveries that create affordable alternatives to oil and sooner than you might imagine, energy independence.

I remain hopeful that the USA will change course and once again assume its place as a leader among nations. Perhaps in this fertile season, during which we celebrate the founding of our nation as a beacon of hope for the entire world, we may restore America to the guiding principles of liberty and justice for all. After all, the American Revolution began right here, in New England.

Sun in Cancer June 21-July 22

Workaholics take note: the pressure to do one’s best is off the charts during the first days of summer. Jupiter, now retrograde, makes an exact square to hard driving Saturn Thursday afternoon, the 22nd. Fortunately, the first two evenings of the new season provide pleasing relief from weighty daytime concerns.

The weekend of the 24th and 25th coincides with the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another. On Saturday this brings weariness that is typical of the waning Moon. Nesting instincts are strong during Sunday morning. With the arrival of the New Moon in Cancer at 12:05PM on the 25th, the day is energized. Moods soar that same evening. Plant while the Moon remains in fruitful Cancer, until midday on Tuesday the 27th.

June concludes in fairly mellow fashion. The Sun reaches a perfect trine to horizon expanding Jupiter the evening of the 30th. Thus, the first weekend in July gets underway on an upbeat note. Folks will be in the mood to enjoy themselves with many traveling on Friday to holiday destinations. Family reunions and “tribal” gatherings are enhanced by a Sunday afternoon sextile between loving Venus and steadfast Saturn.

The first quarter Moon of Monday the 3rd could bring family tensions out into the open. A moody relative may refuse to join in. Let them go their own way. Concentrate on pleasing yourself and loved ones.

Independence Day is interesting. A marvelous Grand Trine between the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus speaks to our better instincts. A higher power calls us, as a people, to do great things. This alone is cause for celebration. On the other hand Mars is opposite Neptune, an aspect of deceit and mistrust. Mercury turns retrograde and the Libra Moon goes void-of-course during the mid-afternoon. The day loses focus but it IS a holiday! Sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

An opposition between Mars and Neptune, exact the morning of Wednesday the 5th, heralds the return to workday routines or summertime adventures. You may lack enthusiasm but take heart; things will perk up during the afternoon hours. A potpourri of trends on the 6th, including Jupiter’s return to forward motion and the Sun’s trine to the “hit the road Jack” planet, Uranus, finds some partners looking to get out of commitments. Be ready to forgive and move on. Advances in the fields of medicine and computer technology are in the news this week.

Expect to take a few detours on Saturday the 8th. Romance and kindness are in full bloom as Venus trines Neptune on the 9th. There will be plenty of moonlight for evening serenades and the pursuit of other pleasures of the heart. On Monday the 12th the Moon is full in Capricorn at 11:02PM. The full Moon caps off an intense and busy day. Change is in the air and, as any good sailor will tell you, it is best to sail with the tides. The full extent of change is better assessed late in the week.

When Mars trines and Venus opposes Pluto on Friday the 14th the power of the purse is on display. A military showdown or corporate takeover could make headlines. Personal relationships are also evolving. Mutual efforts produce constructive growth. The evening sees couples in harmony, enjoying growing intimacy and trust.

After an uneventful weekend the last quarter Moon stirs up mixed emotions the afternoon of the 17th. Monday night is far more pleasing to the senses as music and fine food make for good memories. The Cancer Sun overtakes backpedaling Mercury on Tuesday the 18th. Don’t be too anxious this week. Where possible, hold off on making critical choices until the planet of thought and communication resumes forward motion later on this month.

Sun in Leo July 22-August 23

Mars, the God of War, enters discriminating Virgo a few hours before the Sun moves into Leo. Any time two or more planets change signs on the same day, we are likely to experience some disorientation. Fortunately, a nice conjunction of the Moon and sociable Venus smoothes out any rough edges Saturday evening. This is a good weekend to stay close to home. Entertain friends and family in the comforts of your castle.

Monday the 24th may feel like a lost day. The long void-of-course Moon plus the end of the lunar cycle signals down time until very late in the day. Tackle uncompleted tasks or just take the day off.

Shortly after midnight on the 25th the New Moon in fun-loving Leo puts things back on track. The very next day Venus forms a perfect trine to Jupiter. This alignment between the “benefics,” or good guys of the Heavens, implores us to live with gusto and savor every moment. Travel for business or pleasure is favored.

Following two productive days, Mercury turns direct Friday evening, the 28th. If indecision plagues you it may be better to rely on intuition for the next few days. A weekend trine between loving Venus and community oriented Uranus supports teamwork and group activities. Monday the 31st marks the start of an increasingly busy period. Powerful planetary activity will take us quickly through the first half of August.

The Leo Sun’s square to Jupiter the morning of Wednesday August 2nd foreshadows the growing need to balance our spiritual beliefs and material needs. The energizing Sun is fast approaching a conjunction with Saturn, the Lord of Karma. This conjunction, exact on the 7th, often portends a course correction. Both the Sun and Saturn stand square to Jupiter and opposite Neptune. Known as a T square configuration, the challenging alignment augurs a downturn in the economy and trouble for some public figures. For ideologues that have abused their position and power, the first week of August could bring a call to judgment. Those who practice right-minded action will find themselves applauded.

Faith in humanitarian ideals is strengthened by a sextile from Mars to Jupiter the afternoon of the 8th. The Moon is exactly full in Aquarius at 6:54 AM on Wednesday the 9th. The Full Moon fits neatly into the T square alignment of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. Life continues to be ironic, poignant, complicated and richly textured, to say the least. These are really challenging aspects. The Sun reaches an exact opposition to Neptune early on the 11th. This week it is best to keep all partnership dealings simple. Remain on point, but be flexible.

The weekend of the 12th and 13th is dominated by an explosive Mar/Uranus opposition. Eccentric behavior can quickly become dangerous. Observe the rules of the road. Abide by safety precautions on machinery and proper social etiquette. Sunday brings improving trends. Morning churchgoers as well as lovers of nature and learning stand to be deeply moved.

The first half of the workweek presents a variety of challenging lessons, delays and increased responsibilities. By Wednesday the 16th obstacles are for the most part overcome as the Sun forms a helpful trine with Pluto on Thursday. Don’t count your chickens just yet though. Mercury’s square to Jupiter early on Friday can produce unrealistic expectations. By Friday afternoon many folks will be delighted to close the book on work and have the weekend to relax at home.

New temptations soon arrive. Mercury’s uncertain opposition to Neptune on Monday the 21st and Venus’ indulgent square with Jupiter on the 22nd caution us to use common sense and hold on to our hard earned cash. If in doubt, wait.

Sun in Virgo August 23 – September 23

The Sun slips into mutable Virgo at 2:23AM and is joined by the Moon later the same day. The Sun/Moon conjunction marks the start of yet another lunar cycle. Get ready for an exhilarating ride on the cosmic carousel. Hold on tight. August ends with plenty of planetary action!

Decision making and long range planning are made easier by mental Mercury’s trine to Pluto on the 24th. Many folks will be saying late summer goodbyes when Venus overtakes Saturn, the planet of endings, on Saturday the 26th. The following day Venus opposes Neptune and feelings, whether filled with love or deep discontent, become more intense. Many relationships will be tested this weekend. Some will grow strong. Others will wither and fade away.

The last week of August gets underway on an upswing. Jupiter’s trine to Uranus the morning of Tuesday the 29th awakens a pioneering spirit in people across the globe. This is a lucky aspect that supports positive thinking and the spread of visionary ideas. Counter revolutionary forces may also be at work as Mars forms a repressive square to Pluto the same evening. Don’t let idealism lead you to ignore reality.

The confusing, at times murky mood lingers through the end of the month. Saturn opposes Neptune August 31st, and the first quarter Moon creates a stir later that same day. Acting on faith alone is at times a necessity but it is not advisable this week. Protect yourself from loss. As Annie Besant, the noted Theosophist wrote, “All disappointment which reaches us from without is the reflection of uncertainty within us.” Get the facts. Deal with known and trusted individuals. Be sure of yourself.

Saturn’s opposition to Neptune is a very significant aspect. Because both planets move slowly, the tense standoff continues through June of 2007. History has shown this configuration to be a harbinger of hard economic times. Markets will contract so plan accordingly.

The greatest challenge as well as potential benefit of a hard Saturn/Neptune aspect is the manifestation of our dreams and altruistic impulses. This aspect can provide sustenance for creative geniuses, visionaries and the pure of heart. One day soon there may be a medical breakthrough that saves millions of lives. In a more personal way you may experience a random act of kindness, as simple and profound as an offering of flowers clutched in the hand of a small child. Such acts can deeply touch and transform a life forever. Stay open to the infinite possibilities!

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