Summer 2009 – Starspeak Forecast

One consequence of the current economy is that almost everyone has become more aware of the cost of basic necessities. This is not surprising, as the near collapse of our economic system coincides with Pluto traversing Saturn-ruled Capricorn, a sign long connected with tackling difficult challenges. While Pluto represents transformation, Saturn always teaches by imposing limitations. If we have less money, we are forced to weigh that much more carefully how these assets will be deployed. The same can be said for managing time or energy.

Capricorn is the sign of big business and government. At this stage of the Zodiac’s evolutionary cycle Pluto heralds a metaphorical house cleaning, revealing the motives hidden beneath the guise of corporate and political culture. Greed and power come quickly to mind. But we also need to reconsider the underlying purpose and meaning of business as well as government, which alone has the authority to enact laws determining corporate behavior.

Given free license to pursue whatever means they devise in the quest for profits has time and again led the captains of industry down a slippery slope. Repeatedly we have witnessed large corporations and governments exploit the economic welfare of the peoples of Earth. These same institutions have visited environmental catastrophes on the planet itself. From Three Mile Island to Bhopal to Chernobyl to the industrial blight in southeast China, to endless warring and the wrecking of Wall Street, the record is long and clear.

It will take a commitment at all levels of society, and in all corners of the globe, to make manifest a more equitable distribution of wealth and ensure the wise use of Earth’s resources in a peaceful world. This is an opportunity that we must not squander. Fittingly, Capricorn is also a sign that holds the highest regard for respecting and sustaining traditions. The Native ancestors on these lands had it right, and said so eloquently in the Great Law of Peace of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy):
"We cannot simply think of our survival; each new generation is responsible to ensure the survival of the seventh generation. The prophecy given to us, tells us that what we do today will affect the seventh generation and because of this we must bear in mind our responsibility to them today and always."

These are the time-honored values upon which to build for the future. We see the practical results of such thinking in green technology, solar, geothermal and wind power, electric cars, recycling and growing food using organic methods. Millions of people are already using these earth-friendly technologies. Thanks to these pioneering spirits and president Obama’s vision, the solutions to our problems may be closer than we imagine!

June 2009
True to the best qualities of Gemini, the lovely, lighthearted month of June begins with gracious warmth. Other than a few brief awkward moments during Monday afternoon, the first few days pass by calmly. A spiritually as well as emotionally uplifting double sextile alignment of Venus to Jupiter and Neptune is exact on the 2nd. These angles create waves of optimism and good will. Financial and job markets appear to rebound as Mars trines Pluto the night of the 3rd.  Things bog down on Friday the 5th when the Gemini Sun forms an exact square with Mr. Reality Check, Saturn. There are sure to be challenges ahead. Due to the ringed planet’s stern influence, it is best to consider the long-term implications of every word and action. The waxing Moon also has sway, so exercise self-control. Don’t say foolish things in a fit of exasperation or run off half-cocked. The full moon in Sagittarius dominates the first weekend of the month and is exact at 2:12pm on Sunday the 7th. Saturn is again a major factor, still in square to the Sun and now the Moon as well. Necessity is the mother of invention and under these stars, we do what we have to do! Venus, newly arrived in sensual Taurus, forms a fine trine with Pluto. The trine provides both strength and practical assistance to couples facing issues. The nearly simultaneous squares of mental Mercury with Jupiter and Neptune caution against making careless mistakes or false assumptions. While the days are pleasant and productive, the gullibility factor is quite high this week so stay alert to faulty logic through Wednesday the 10th. We settle into a free wheeling rhythm from Thursday until Monday the 15th. Jupiter turns retrograde in the wee hours of Monday morning, just a fraction of a degree away from mystical Neptune. Dreams are fabulous! We learn as we sleep. That same afternoon the Pisces Moon squares the Gemini Sun. This last quarter phase of the Moon initiates a wave of discordant energy that culminates on Wednesday the 17th when the Sun squares unpredictable Uranus. The Sun also forms magical and much less stressful trines to Neptune and Jupiter on Wednesday as well. These two intense but divergent patterns, the harsh square and the fluid trines, present starkly different options. Thanks to the square nerves may feel frazzled, and as life appears to hurtle forward, out of control, agreements can be hard to come by. The trines feel positively heavenly. Acts of kindness are one outgrowth. So too are scientific discoveries and inventions, spiritual and intellectual realizations as well as creative breakthroughs. Be ready for “Wow!” and “Aha!” moments! Amidst the din Venus and Mars have been quietly and steadily nearing a very sensual union in earthy Taurus, Venus’ own sign. Romantic embers may flare up on Friday morning, the 19th. The exact conjunction is fashioned Sunday morning, which happens to be Summer Solstice as well as Father’s Day. At 1:46am the Sun enters Cancer and the new season begins! Appropriate to Father’s Day, trines from Venus and Mars to Saturn encourage sincerity and loyalty, as well as paying homage to deserving loved ones. The Cancer New Moon during the afternoon of Monday the 22nd sees the Sun and Moon opposed to Pluto, reminding us that even as we undertake the inevitable learning curve of a new job or venture, we must trust in the process. It may be wise to stay away from jealous or controlling people this Monday. Life gradually gathers momentum over the coming week. The night of Friday the 26th is a good one for socializing. The same can be said for the 27th. Stick to basics the morning of Monday the 29th, when the first quarter Moon portends several unexpected developments.

July 2009
At the onset of an astrologically eventful month, change is in the wind. As the world slumbers on the 1st, Uranus begins to retrograde. Shifting direction, the quirky planet of invention and intuition reinvigorates its two year long opposition with Saturn, pitting reformers and revolutionaries against established powers. On the 1st winged Mercury is at odds with Uranus but also in fine alignment with Neptune and Jupiter. Logic can be exquisite and seductive, while psychic powers are unreliable. Venus is active, squaring Neptune during the afternoon, Jupiter just after midnight on the 2nd and making a sextile to Uranus shortly thereafter. With the holiday weekend fast approaching, this smorgasbord of aspects generates plenty of excitement and some confusion. The 1st through 3rd are fast-paced, busy days. Holiday planners will be tempted to spend lavishly on parties. A communal potluck picnic is a nice way to hold down costs. Guest lists grow longer on the prevailing spirit of generosity, although some folks’ plans are subject to last minute changes. Unfortunately, the 4th itself may be something of a letdown as mental Mercury opposes manipulative Pluto and the freedom loving Sagittarius Moon is hemmed in by a square with dour Saturn. More lighthearted vibes return on Sunday. Be careful on land and in the water while excitable Mars tests the Jupiter/Neptune pairing on Monday the 6th. That night the full moon in Capricorn, exact Tuesday at 5:21am, is eclipsed by Earth’s shadow. This could be a harbinger of the president’s power being limited in some way. For most of us, it is business as usual. The week continues in steady, reliable fashion. Strive for excellence in all you do as Jupiter and Neptune are once again conjunct early Friday morning, the 10th. The Aquarius Moon conjoins the two more distant stars and then squares Mars Friday night. Follow your own conscience and watch purses and wallets. After a mellow weekend Mercury and the Sun meet up in emotional Cancer the night of Monday the 13th. Double-check facts and figures this week. We are in the middle of an eclipse sequence so new information is liable to surface at any time. Wednesday the 15th is upbeat, full of activity, and with Mercury now harmonizing with Uranus, ripe for a possible leap in consciousness. Friday is demanding but satisfying. Last minute plans, weekend escapes and spur-of-the moment get-togethers are great fun. Don’t be a wallflower this weekend. Saturday night, the 18th, is socially one of the summer’s best. The Cancer New Moon the night of Tuesday the 21st eclipses the Sun. You’ll have to be in India, Nepal or China to see it. Venus squares Saturn the same day, suggesting that many relationships will be tested at this time. Some will end. Keep an open mind as there is still a good chance that additional details will soon come to light. The Sun slips into fiery Leo just after noon on the 22nd. Several routine days give way to more flirtatious and creative trends the week of the 27th. A very animated Venus engages Jupiter that Monday, and Neptune and Uranus the following day. Be sociable, both at work and after hours. Social interactions continue to be richly gratifying through the month’s end. Mystical and intellectual pursuits are also favored.

August 2009
Venus opposes Pluto the night of the 1st. Longings for intimacy are magnified. Pluto may take us to places of true unity or devolve into nagging, controlling or competitive conduct. Resistance to manipulative behavior will also be fierce; the spirited Sagittarius Moon is square to freedom-loving Uranus. Love skillfully! Tackle practical concerns with partners and bosses from the 2nd through the 4th. A helpful aspect between Mercury and Pluto on Monday the 3rd may yield personal insights and healthy compromises. An eclipse of the full Moon in Aquarius highlights Wednesday the 5th. The Moon is exactly full at 8:55 pm. The eclipse lends gravity to meditations. Certain plans may best be put on hold around this time. Again, take a few days to make up your mind. The 6th and 7th are pleasant and fruitful. The night of the 7th is positively super for fun and romance. Saturday the 8th is much less gregarious. Plan to spend some quiet time recharging your batteries over the weekend.  Mars tests Saturn on Monday the 10th. Be flexible in your thinking and actions; a different strategy may be called for. If the boss is having a rough day, steer clear. More agreeable trends take hold on Tuesday the 11th and propel us into the middle of the week. One of my favorite summertime activities is watching the Perseid meteor showers. If the weather cooperates, the best viewing is on Wednesday the 12th, before sunrise and in the evening. The last quarter Taurus Moon raises hackles Thursday afternoon. The Sun is also nearing oppositions to Jupiter and Neptune. Be polite. Offer a compliment or helping hand. Do whatever you can to minimize confusion over the next few days. Enlivened spirits flourish from the 13th through the 17th. Visionaries move noticeably closer to goals as Mars trines Neptune Monday night. A cautionary note is sounded on Tuesday the 18th. Mars is in a volatile square to Uranus. Temperamental types are advised to cool it. Be careful in word and deed and most especially while out driving. Attention spans are shortened and physical danger is heightened! After a low key Wednesday, the Leo new moon early Thursday morning on the 20th initiates a fresh activity cycle. On both Thursday and Friday the 21st be diligent about work and other responsibilities. Those who tie up loose ends will better enjoy the weekend. Gather with friends Saturday evening. Venus’ trine to Uranus enlivens all events. Also during Saturday’s evening hours, the Sun enters Virgo. Attention will soon turn to late summer rituals: preparing for school days, harvesting as well as making homes ready for seasonal changes. The Sun’s trine to Pluto the afternoon of the 23rd aids long range planning and turns up unexpected treasures, some of which may be literally underfoot. Other valuable items can be found at flea markets, yard sales and second hand stores. Feisty Mars is very active during the mid-week period, entering Cancer on Tuesday the 25th and opposing Pluto the following afternoon. A brewing turf war may erupt into open hostilities. Tread softly. Don’t go looking for trouble. Channel competitive impulses into cooperative projects. A fortunate sextile between Mercury and Venus late in the week promises that differences between parties can be ironed out. Identify shared goals and keep talking. Thoughtful communicating is key to a successful week.      Staid Capricorn hosts the Moon the weekend of the 29th and 30th. Saturday night activities are surprisingly down to earth yet very enjoyable as the Moon aligns with the Virgo Sun. Sunday proves quiet, a good time to catch up on neglected chores. Monday the 31st has two different phases, fully engaged in getting ahead through mid-afternoon and later, less focused. Rather than struggle against the currents, take a relaxed approach to the latter part of the day.

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