The Law of Attraction is Not the Answer

First, a quick quiz (just one question, actually!) Where did the concept of The Law of Attraction, an idea that promises "that which is like unto itself is drawn" come from? If you answered that it's been around for a long time in one form or another, you're right.

In modern times, The Law of Attraction actually first appeared in 1904, used by Thomas Troward, a strong influence in the New Thought Movement. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, referred to it, as did Ernest Holmes in Science of Mind. Many others have used phrases like "positive thinking," "practical metaphysics," and "mental science" to help make the concept of Law of Attraction accessible to more people.

Over the last thirty years, Jerry and Esther Hicks in their Abraham teachings, then several years later Rhonda Byrne in her movie and book, The Secret, have helped to popularize the Law of Attraction. Today, media figures like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Larry King, and a large proportion of the public are familiar with the concept that "like attracts like."

Too bad it's not the answer to life's challenges.

The Law of Attraction is like gravity – a universal law that operates everywhere, all of the time, with or without your cooperation or even your knowledge. Gravity is great when it keeps us on the ground as Earth moves at thousands of miles per hour through space. However, when that antique vase your grandmother left you falls off the table and breaks into a hundred pieces as it hits the floor, gravity is not your friend.

Likewise, whatever you're feeling and thinking attracts people and events of a similar vibration, whether you want them or not. The Law of Attraction, then, is not the answer. It's simply an ongoing process that responds – every time – to wherever you are vibrationally.

Our real focus should be to allow – without any resistance – what we desire. Whether it's a better job or career, a new relationship, wellness, financial freedom or new adventures, being happy and mindful – fully present right now – opens the door to whatever we desire. Jerry and Esther's book, Ask and It Is Given, describe a 3-step process:

  1. Launch a desire, i.e., what you want
  2. The Universe (God, Source, your Higher Self) aligns with you immediately to give you what you want (the Law of Attraction at work)
  3. You only allow in what you want by seeing yourself as source sees you.

Jerry and Esther call Step 3 The Law of Allowing, another universal law that is the source of our true power, the real answer for a joyful, fulfilled life. Stress, anger, resentment, jealousy, feelings of scarcity and other negative feelings create vibrations in you that only attract more negative experiences and prevent the Law of Allowing from operating for you. Only when you are relaxed and in a good feeling place are you in a vibrational state to allow in what you desire. The Law of Allowing is the key that opens the door to all you have been desiring throughout your life. Everything is right here, waiting for you to tune in to your higher self's vibrational frequency and to help you remember who you really are – one with Source. And when you start to remember, you begin to re-discover youthful energy, focus, and a sense of wonder that empowers you to attract your goals and live the joyful life you deserve.

Laura Norman, a leading authority in reflexology for over 40 years, and author of the best-selling Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, is a life wellness coach with wellness and training centers in Stockbridge, MA, Charlotte, NC, New York City and Delray Beach, Fl. She can be reached at 413-854-2615, or visit