The Manifestation of Global Abundance

Living as a student in Europe, I once volunteered to keep a friend’s mother entertained while everyone worked. The mother did not yet know her way around town. When I asked her what she wanted to do that day, she replied, “Go to the supermarket.” I was puzzled. Surely the family had purchased ample food for her visit. When I inquired what she intended to purchase, she said, “Nothing, I just want to look at the abundance of food and fresh produce.” That said, we embarked on our journey of window shopping at the supermarket.  

We started in the fresh produce section. She slowly walked by each display case with a smile on her face. She came to a large table filled with mounds of bananas and tears suddenly came to her eyes. Bewildered, I asked what was making her sad. She said, “I have not seen this many bananas all in one place in more than eight years.” Because of the civil war and the economic embargo on her country, imported goods were no longer available or very expensive. When there were bananas to be found in the marketplace, the price was prohibitive. The occasional sample was reserved for the babies and young children of the family. Seeing so much abundance had brought tears to her eyes and reminded her of the lack she and others had suffered.  

That incident left a deep impression on me. I remembered visiting this family’s summer home in the outskirts of the city before the war. They owned a fabulous house on top of a rolling hill with three tiers of fruit trees stretching down the hill. The air filled with the perfume of fruit blossoms in the spring, and in summer numerous boxes of fruits were delivered to families, friends and homeless shelters. That was the abundance she had experienced then. Now, she was elated at the sight of a mound of bananas.

Abundance can be defined as having extra to share with others. When such levels of abundance exist in our lives, we are truly fortunate. Maitreya is a living master who inspires humanity to see itself as one family and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation. His social message can be summarized in a few words: “Share and save the world.”* His priorities include adequate food and housing for all, as well as healthcare and universal education. Maitreya sees we are on the threshold of this era of peace and goodwill.

Karunamayi is a living master and avatar (born realized), an aspect of the Divine Mother.* With the compassion of a true mother, she tells us to go and live the lives we want to live with all its modern trappings and distractions until we have the maturity to no longer be lured by them. Then come back and seek the truth and wisdom to know God and to be God. That maturity offers us the wisdom to make greater commitments to change our world.

I heard a sweet story about Aryan, a little boy who was born on 9/9/99. From a young age, he learned about the need for conservation on Earth. He was appointed as an environmental conservation captain at his school. Once, following his father to a roadside food stand he discovered discarded soda bottles carelessly thrown about. He picked a couple of the empty bottles up and demanded an explanation. The irate stall keeper ignored him at first and finally said, “Are you policing my trash?” Aryan answered, “No, I am conserving our environment.” Children such as these can lead us into a future where our world is in the hands of those creating global abundance.

You must muster up power in order to manifest abundance. Your power center is your solar plexus and your ability to hold energy and exert power corresponds to the strength of your solar plexus. To gain strength in that area become focused and draw your energy there, locking it into a muscle point that sits behind and approximately half an inch above your navel. You can learn to pull this muscle in and strengthen it by consciously breathing in and out through that point. For deeper results, try hatha yoga exercises and deep yogic breathing (pranayama) exercises. When you get anxious, stressed out or fearful pull this muscle in to gain greater control over your powers of manifestation for creating the highest good in both personal and global abundance.

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Nasrin Safai is an internationally known channel, author of several books and co-founder of Path to Enlightenment Mystery School and Waves of Bliss Publishing. Please visit for more information.