The Spiritual Gifts of Inner Knowing

Everyone seeks answers to their most personal concerns and pressing questions, yet few realize that this wisdom can be found right within ourselves. While in our physical bodies, we have been gifted with inner senses which allow us to tune into higher levels of spiritual guidance often referred to as God, source, higher self, spirit guides and many other names. You can learn how to tune into the spiritual guidance within you simply by learning to pay attention to these inner senses: intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychic taste and psychic smell.

Spiritual guidance will usually come to you through these senses in ways you are familiar with and can recognize, including using your vocabulary and ways of speaking, your experiences, your symbols and even your sense of humor. You may receive guidance consciously, semi-consciously or while in full trance, however much practice and development is necessary before you can truly call on these senses at will. You may also be connecting with spiritual realms and guidance when you sleep, pray, daydream, invent or create something, commune with nature, walk, drive or during many other activities and times. For thousands of years, women have recognized that the days leading up to their period are especially potent for receiving inner guidance of all kinds and that they should pay attention to thoughts, feelings and impressions during that time.

True spiritual guidance is loving and straight forward, encourages growth and development, yet leaves the choice of action open to the free will of each individual in alignment with the divine order of things. Spiritual guidance is never fear-based or disrespectful towards others, and will only lead you in ways which have your highest potential as a loving and healthy human being in mind. Learn to recognize the voice of spiritual guidance versus other voices around you such as your own fears, your family, neighbors, teachers, clergy or culture.

While it is important to act on the guidance received, which sometimes could mean changing things around in your life or stretching yourself a bit, most importantly — to thine own self be true. Do what is comfortable and right for you. Begin to have the courage to act in ways which love, respect and support you while you love, respect and support others as they do what’s right for them.

Begin using your spiritual gifts for inner knowing today! Check and see which of the following abilities you may already be using.

You may be claircognizant or intuitive if you have an inner knowing about things. Information or a thought "just comes to you" and has a feeling of importance or urgency. The knowledge you receive often flashes suddenly into your mind seemingly out of no where. You may know who is on the phone before you answer it or know personal things about people you just met even though you may not know why or how you know it.

You may be clairaudient and can hear sounds, words, music, songs, ringing, buzzing, whooshing and other types of white noise sounds that "pop into your head” which others around you cannot hear. You may hear conversations as you fall asleep or wake up between people you do not see. These sounds and words are inaudible in the normal hearing range and most often seem to come from within your head.

You may be clairvoyant and see pictures flash in your mind's inner eye. These pictures may come as a clear vision or they may be more nebulous in form. What you see may appear to be superimposed upon a physical object in front of you with your eyes open or you may see the vision in your mind’s eye with your eyes closed. You may see people, lights and colors, symbols, visions of the past, present or future, and people or places in other spiritual dimensions. These pictures may appear as if you are viewing still photographs or they may be moving like a home movie. You may even feel you are actually in the scene you are seeing.

You may be clairsentient and perceive information through a sensation within your physical body. You may feel extremes of temperature or other textural details that help provide information you are searching for. You may sense the body aches and ill health of someone else in specific parts of your own body. You may also feel the emotions or personality of another person whom you do not know personally or who is not in the room. You may sense the presence of deceased relatives, guides and angels, and even feel them brush against you.

You may be able to psychically taste a substance, liquid or food without actually putting anything in your mouth. You may also be able to psychically smell flowers, perfume or other odors such as tobacco or alcohol to help in identifying beings who are connecting with you spiritually to offer guidance and information. These inner senses can also help give clues about specific health concerns and treatments, as well as reassurance and confirmation that your guidance is “real.”

Next time you find yourself wondering what to eat, where to go on vacation, what your partner would like for his or her birthday, or if your pet is sick, ask for inner guidance and wait for the answer. Be patient, have faith and eventually these answers will come to you. Ask and you shall receive.

Gayle Kirk is a psychic medium, spiritual healer and channel for Divine Spirit. She offers private channeled sessions, past life regressions and a variety of other services and spiritual development classes for individuals and groups. Please call 617-489-7717 or visit for more information.