Three Feng Shui Pillars

Feng shui is the Chinese art of designing your space to be nourishing and harmonious in order to bring the abundance of wealth, success, love and even health into your life. The three most important elements of your home — the entryway/front door, the kitchen stove and the beds — lay the groundwork for positive energy flow and a healthier atmosphere throughout your entire home.

Front Door

Not only do you want your front door and entry to be inviting and welcoming to your guests, you want it to create positive energy for your family. When you walk through the front door of your house, your view should be focused on one focal point. If you enter and your view is split in different directions (meaning you can look down a hallway and into a family room), that creates inauspicious or negative energy, which can negatively affect the health of your family, among other things. A cure, or solution, to this problem is to position a picture or mirror on a wall opposing the door. The mirror should be large enough to attract your attention and be your sole focus as you enter through the door. This will keep the energy active and auspicious.


The kitchen stove is a key tool in keeping your family healthy as it is used to cook and prepare nourishing food. When cooking at the stove, is your back facing the entry to kitchen so that you cannot see if someone enters the kitchen? If so, you have inauspicious energy. One possible cure is to add a mirror behind the stove so that the entryway is reflected and you are able to see anyone entering into the kitchen. The mirror also surrounds the cook with positive energy. You could also add a small wind chime over the stove. The movement of the wind chime will activate the energy and provide the cook with auspicious or positive energy. If the cook is positive and happy, that positive energy will help the cook prepare healthier foods, leading to a healthy family.


You may think the key to a good night’s sleep includes 1000-thread-count sheets and comfortable pillows. The location of your bed is also very important to gaining a restful night of sleep. Your bed should be in the command position, which means a position that allows you to see the door and anyone that should enter. An easy cure to avoid inauspicious energy is to move the bed into the command position. If the construction of the room still prohibits you from seeing the entry, position mirrors in order to see the door way into the bedroom.

When applying the suggested cures to ensure positive energy in your home, apply an activation to complete the process. This activation should be a prayer or mantra of any religion that is meaningful to you. Recite this prayer or mantra nine times and visualize what you want to bring into your life. Sincerity is most important.

Christine Conway is the owner of Feng Shui For Life in Sterling, MA. She can be reached at or 978-422-9984.