Time Out: Silence is Golden

"Drawing on my fine command of language, I said nothing." — Robert Benchley

There is a certain magic that happens when we listen to ourselves or to what another is saying or not saying. Silence allows the penny to drop and the impact to be felt. In fact, silence speaks volumes if we just take a moment to listen!

It is certainly an art to know when to speak and when to let silence prevail. There is the saying it is better to remain silent than to be thought a fool. However, silence is more than a cover to hide behind. Silence is indeed a language, a pathway that a spiritual mind must walk along to truly discover the self.

Our ability to communicate is crucial for our survival and development. In some parts of the world people learn to speak several languages out of the need to survive. Our ability to speak is a wonderful expression of our freedom and letting those around us know how much we care or that we are OK. For novices entering “the silent path,” the quiet can indeed feel uncomfortable, but this phase will pass, as one realizes just how rewarding this space can be. There is no need to fill those “empty” moments with chatter of one kind or another. Just remember: we were born out of silence and will return to silence again.

Silence is more than the absence of words. For a yogi, silence begins in the mind. Words are weighed carefully, for they are energy that cannot be "taken back" once released. A truly silent mind is felt as positive energy and we are often drawn to such souls as they touch our core.

Silence of the mind signals a soul walking the path of peace and one who has experienced the wisdom found in stillness. For these souls, silence is indeed golden.

Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

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