Warning: This Warning May Cause Disease

Numerous experts, research studies, practitioners and those selling products warn that we can be harmed daily by poor lifestyles, poor quality foods with low nutrient value and that contain antibiotics, growth hormones, harmful colorings, flavorings, additives, detergents, makeup, plastic containers, electronic devices, dry-cleaned clothes, insecticides and herbicides, 80,000 new chemicals being produced each year, first and second-hand cigarette smoke, petrochemicals and exhaust fumes and more. Warnings say these things can cause cancer, asthma, allergies, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities and other health problems.

We are exposed to contaminants all day long, most of them without choice. We can do our best to try to avoid some of these things, but we can’t completely remove them from our lives. We’ve learned many ways to take precautions and protect ourselves, such as washing our hands and avoiding harmful substances. But what happens when our reactions to these warnings become over-reactions, and we become obsessively bothered and worried, over-protecting ourselves and others, even “to death”? These thought patterns actually drain our energy flows in body, mind and spirit, so we are caught in a cycle of weakening ourselves in the name of health and safety.

Any single weakening thought does not have much of an effect on us. But how many of these thoughts do we have in a day? Four times an hour for our 16 waking hours per day is over 23,000 thoughts a year. Whether the warnings are accurate or not, our belief that we are at risk is enough to cause us to be at risk!

One writer said, “The deadliest self fulfilling prophecy in our culture is that we degenerate as we age.” From an energy perspective, we do not degenerate because another year goes by; we degenerate because we do not take care of our symptoms. We have not learned how to understand or deal with the root causes of our symptoms.

Using breast cancer as an example, let’s look at some non-physical root causes of this disease:

  1. Health and wellness fears. Breasts represent both physical nourishment and emotional nurturing for the self as well as loved ones. Fears about dying and leaving loved ones may manifest in breast disease.
  2. Resonating with negative beliefs in our culture including environmental and substance risks, survival rates, expert opinion, research, and prescribed treatments and their side effects. Medical technology has added a new fear about having a genetic predisposition towards a certain disease, which tends to support that disease. What we pay attention to is what we create.
  3. Losing a sense of joy and happiness in life weakens our sense of well being and immune response.
  4. “Lumps” in one’s thinking, such as, things can’t change, no faith in things changing, fearful of taking next steps in life, putting everyone else first and not taking care of oneself, being bothered by having small or large breasts, and over-mothering, over-nurturing and over-internalizing.

There are simple energetic corrections that can eliminate these non-physical roots of disease by energetically clearing blockages away. These are based on the most basic premises of energy work:

  • Our natural state is health, wellness and vitality and we want to be in and stay in this state.
  • There are non-physical root causes for all of our symptoms.
  • Our symptoms are a way of our body communicating with us that there are some energetic blockages we need to get rid of.

Here are some suggestions to help you move away from fear and towards good health. First, get educated. Gain a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and feelings impact your total health. Try reading Heal Your Body by Louise Hay, The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton or Feelings Buried Never Die by Karol K. Truman.

Second, develop a healthy skepticism. Don’t buy into all the warnings. Realize that numerous people smoke and drink or get exposed to many different risks and still live long, healthy lives. In the book, “In Defense of Food,” Michael Pollan writes, “…American nutritionists can’t fathom how a people who enjoy their food as much as the French do, and blithely eat so many substances deemed toxic by nutritionists, could have substantially lower rates of heart disease than we do on our elaborately engineered low-fat diets.”

Third, learn how to deal with and eliminate your symptoms. There are many modalities that teach how to gain control of your symptoms and make them disappear. Find those that work for you to help you regain your natural state of health wellness and vitality.

Fourth, cultivate a life of positive thoughts and thankfulness. Clinical research demonstrates that laughter stimulates your immune response and helps to keep you healthy.

Mahatma Gandhi said:
“Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.”

LeRoy Malouf is a Yuen Method Full Spectrum Wellness certified practitioner and instructor, and the creator of Energetic Well Being Process. He lives on Cape Cod and can be reached at (508) 375-6452 or visit www.ewbp.com.