You’ve Got the Power

Hi Carol,

I was recently in my old hometown of Boston and picked up Spirit of Change and was reading through it at breakfast one morning. Excellent informative, provocative, and holistically minded articles, great colors, and interesting advertisements. Kudos! Will continue to follow the magazine online now that I am back home in southern California.

Your "Musings" article hit home for me, and I was so pleased to find a "soul sister," so to speak, out there! I ditto your statement, "Personally, I don't believe in routine mammograms or colonoscopies, cholesterol or other lifetimes prescriptions." You are the only other person, beside myself, whom I've heard actually speak those words. It has been my experience, and, I bet yours, that most women operate from a fear-based and programmed medical model regarding these issues. Great job on your magazine!

Dianne Oliver
Simi Valley, CA

Dear Carol,

I read through some of the articles and info in the summer edition of Spirit, including your own interesting “Musings,” and it left me with one big question. How does one select a treatment/process best fitted to one’s needs? I am totally at a loss to make a judgment and selection. I have to wonder about other readers with their own issues: how do they select something? Perhaps you can advise.

My problem is that for the past two years I have had to get up three to four times at night to go to the bathroom. The urologists have been useless, the prescribed medication has been ineffective and herbal supplements have done nothing. Also, I have tried simple prayer and meditation to no effect.

I am spiritually content, have a good relationship with my wife and daughter and, as a recent retiree, have no stresses as I now pursue a few of my passions.

So how do I choose what might work among the offerings listed in Spirit? I don’t want to spend thousands on many trials and error solutions. What would you suggest? Thank you for your attention to my Musings.


Dear JM,

Here are my thoughts about choosing the right treatment for you. The nightly bathroom trips (or any other symptom) are your body's way of saying, "I need help. Pay attention to me." Your body knows exactly what it needs to get well, but may need your help in providing it. These remedies may include foods, herbs or other medicines to eat or avoid, behaviors to start or stop, as well as therapies and tools that will best alleviate the symptom and boost your overall healing system without any negative side effects.

How will you know what your body needs? Pay close attention to any thoughts that arise concerning your health, no matter how far-fetched or unrelated they may seem to you. Do you find yourself wondering about acupuncture? Reiki? Yoga? Have you heard that little “voice” reminding you to stop salting your food or going to bed so late or to try walking barefoot more often? Do you have a sudden interest in studying a new topic? Do you ever wonder — even just a little — if the toxic cleaners under your sink might actually make you sick?

These thoughts are your body’s way of talking to you and telling you specifically what it needs. You may not understand the health implications immediately, but when you ignore these repeated messages with "too expensive," "not convenient," "I've never done that before," "too far away," "not covered by insurance" “not now, later” — you pass up on the natural remedies that are uniquely suited to keep you out of doctor's offices and hospitals and away from very unpleasant, long-term illnesses.

When you listen to your body, you receive expert advice about your individualized healthcare. Constantly re-affirm the belief that your body can heal itself because it can. Just because we have been told the exact opposite for the past century does not make it true. Western medicine is best suited for research, trauma and emergencies. Barring congenital conditions, you do not need Western medicine to keep you well. When properly cared for, your body is a self-healing natural wonder that can keep you healthy for a lifetime without drugs, surgery or diagnostics.

When you page through Spirit of Change magazine or visit our online alternative health directory at, your body/mind intelligence will lead you to certain pages or categories of information to explore. Conversations with people, books, news stories or other random sources may also provide the leads you are looking for. Follow those leads. Keep an open and expectant mind to gain access to the unlimited healing power of your body. You can be confident it’s there just waiting for you to tune in and flip the power switch on.


Attention readers! Please send in your thoughts on how you select a healing treatment or remedy to and we will publish these in a future issue. Thank you! —Editor