A Closer Look at Yoga

Denise Marchese Chicoine, with Michael Casko

A Closer Look at Yoga: A Guide for Everyday Practice
Healing Partners, Putnam, CT 2009

A Closer Look at Yoga: A Guide for Everyday Practice is a thoughtful and encouraging companion offering both novice and longtime practitioners a deeper self awareness through yoga. Yoga and meditation teacher Denise Chicoine's personal insights help students apply yoga principals to everyday life, and assist students in moving through challenges during yoga practice. Chicoine suggests always seeing your mat as sacred space and offers ideas for setting up a home practice starting with just 10 minutes a day and doing only favorite poses. More than a how-to book, A Closer Look at Yoga balances the often over-focused physical aspects of yoga in the West with the foundational spirit and philosophy of the practice. Using easy to understand language, Chicoine answers frequently asked questions, tells new students what to expect from a yoga class, and explores themes such as trust, expanded awareness and universal love that arise out of a sustained yoga practice. Read a book preview here