Advice From A Psychic

  • Whenever you’re nervous about your own safety or the safety of others such as your children, just call on archangel Michael and ask him to put a protective shield of white or golden light around you, them, your car, etc.Do this daily or whenever you feel the need. This works well for teenagers driving the family car or for someone going off to war.
  • One way to remove ghosts from a house is to inform them that they’re dead, send them loving, healing energy, and ask your spirit guides, angels and the archangels to take them into the white light.

  • Just like your skin, which protects your body from outside bacteria, your aura is your spiritual skin protecting you from negative people, negative energies and entities that might be around you.

  • Meditation, being in love, making love, exercise, being outside in nature, and doing positive things all cause your aura to expand and become brighter. Just the opposite occurs when you drink excessively, take drugs, smoke, speak negatively or think negative thoughts.

  • As you heal and release more and more of your physical, mental and emotional energy blocks (your karma), you start to become a source of light rather than a source of negativity.

  • When you divorce or break up with someone, it’s important to forgive them and release them energetically; otherwise, you’ll probably end up reincarnating with them again and again until you do.

  • If you don’t get along with a certain family member(s), chances are you were enemies in a past life/lives. Believe it or not, you chose to incarnate with each other in this life in order to learn to become loving and accepting of each other.

  • Many people today are very sensitive to other people’s negative energy and, therefore, prefer to stay by themselves. You can alleviate this by doing a daily meditation that specifically cleanses and protects your body and your aura.

  • Once you discover, acknowledge, heal and let go of your negative subconscious beliefs, you’ll start manifesting a more positive reality for yourself.

  • No matter what activity or job you’re doing throughout the day, call on a spirit guide or angelic “expert” to help you. Angels and spirit guides can subdivide and, therefore, can help many people simultaneously; so don’t worry about monopolizing their time.

  • Each of us has several spirit guides and angels, even the most negative of people.

  • When you feel least deserving of getting help, that’s when you should be asking your spirit guides and angels for help, guidance, and healing the most.

  • While your “soul’s purpose” for incarnating might be a specific career choice such as healer or comedian, more often, it pertains to overcoming negative or self destructive behaviors/addictions, releasing anger, hatred, and vengefulness, most of which are rooted in past lives. Conversely, you could also be here to learn positive qualities such as forgiveness compassion, love, etc.

  • If you want to get a first-hand idea of how you’ll like or dislike a potential job opportunity, mate, new home or locale, etc., you can be progressed into the future and literally “try it out” before committing yourself.

  • Your higher self (a white chakra located about three feet above your head) is always a participant in the creation of your dreams. Once you learn how to connect with your higher self, you’ll be able to figure out the meaning of your dreams.

Ross J. Miller is a professional psychic healer, medium, and past-life regression therapist who has been advising and healing people worldwide for over 25 years. His practice is in Newton, MA. He can be reached at 617-527-3583 or visit

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