Author: Peggy Kornegger

Your Compassionate Heart

In these unsettled and unsettling times, it is our hearts that will sustain us if we lose faith in the world at large. Our hearts, where compassion lives. Where separation ends and loving connection begins.

Second Sight

The world is opening up all around us in unusual and extraordinary ways, and synchronicity is showing us the hidden connections that link every single bit of it.

The Pause

Life can occasionally hand you a time-out whether you asked for it or not. It could take the form of a health challenge, a job loss, a missed connection, or a misunderstanding. You are zooming along nonstop when suddenly an impenetrable wall appears right in front of you.

The Real Magic Kingdom

The magic was in our hearts—and in the connections we felt among us, individually and collectively...

Gardening for Life

I had no plans to become a gardener. It just happened, quite unexpectedly. And it completely changed the focus and quality of my daily life.