Boston’s Gardens and Green Spaces

Megan Muckenhoupt

Boston's Gardens and Green Spaces
Union Park Press, Boston, MA • 2011

Boston enjoys a rich history of parks and green space. The Boston Common, the oldest city park in the United States, was originally created for cow grazing. Inspired by the local Transcendentalist movement, other parks were created as a way to find a spiritual connection through direct contact with nature. Boston's Gardens and Green Spaces highlights these historic places and also celebrates the wonderful Yankee ingenuity of the last two decades that is transforming the landscape and making the city green again. More than one hundred sites are included. The city community gardens are tended to by over ten thousand Bostonians, while pocket gardens tucked between buildings provide room for solitude. The Harbor Walk, rooftop gardens and the new Big Dig parks are also among those featured. With vivid descriptions and inspiring color photography, city residents, visitors, and even arm-chair travelers will find pleasure in exploring Boston's Gardens and Green Spaces.