Clear Space For Your Dreams

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We all want to thrive. Setting goals for ourselves gives us the motivation to make the changes in our lives that support dreams, like:

“I will spend more time with friends and family.”
“I will start my masters degree.”
“I will run the Marine Corp Marathon.”

However, it’s extremely tough to do any of these things while surrounded by the negative energy that accumulates over time in your living spaces. Suppose you can still hear the echoes of your friend’s sob story you were empathetically listening to the other night or the disappointment from a phone call about the client pulling out of the order at the last minute. We live life and shake it off or move through the emotions with time. Either way, the feelings of a moment can imprint and cling to a space which, if not cleared, means you are walking through the energy of it every day. How do we move past all this garbage?

Create The Space You Love, Love The Space You’re In

Everyone carries their own kind of energy with them wherever they go. The longer someone stays in a place — and especially when they’re riding a literal roller coaster of emotions — the more that space starts to subtly absorb their energy. Energetic space clearing is the way to purify a place so that you can essentially start feeling happy about being there again.

What Are The Benefits Of Energetically Clearing Your Space?

You finally get to break free of the stagnant energy patterns hanging about in your space that slows you down. In mild cases of living in a bad-energy cloud, you often feel chronically tired, bored and unenthusiastic about life in general. In extreme cases where you’re living in a place in which the former tenants divorced while there, you could even pick up on the vibes leftover from their extreme fights. Some Feng Shui consultants often discover that researching the history of the previous homeowners helps explain a lot about recurring problems that the current tenants face in their new home, as if the bad energy there makes history repeat itself with new actors.

  • Clearing a space makes it easier to sell, especially when you can find no obvious reason why the property isn’t getting any offers.
  • Energetic space cleansing helps you — and especially your children — sleep better at night and feel more comfortable in those rooms that nobody wants to use.

How Do You Go About Clearing A Space?

A variety of space-clearing practices come from many indigenous cultures all over the world. Balinese shamans use sounds like sacred temple bells, along with flowers and incense. Native Americans play drums, burn sage and pray to their spirit guides for protection. Even some Christian priests bless homes by burning frankincense and saying special prayers.  For now, let’s just focus on things we can do ourselves.

Gather your favorite materials to use.

  • Pick up some traditional smudge sticks of white or black sage, juniper or palo santo wood.  There’s lots of varieties that address different energies so feel free to research them online to see what is best for your space. (Note: smudge sticks are not incense and are mainly used to clean the energy of your space.  If you like a specific scent in your space, light a candle or diffuse your favorite essential oil after smudging.) 
  • Get a good quantity of natural sea salt.
  • Select some fresh flowers to offer for blessing the house.
  • Grab a spray bottle if you’d like to purify the air further by misting with salt water and essential oils.

Follow these basic steps for your clearing ritual

Take some time and try this ritual first to get the most benefit. If you’re short on time, just follow the abbreviated version of this process described in the section after this one.

1. First, quick clean the house. Make it more fun by listening to upbeat music at the same time as you sweep through and pick up. Dance if you want to! Who said rituals should be boring? Open up all the windows and doors that you can to promote airflow.

2. Next write down your intention or affirmation on a paper, saying something like, “I declare this space to be a place that will bring joy to everyone who comes inside.” If you’re comfortable stating your intention as a prayer or mantra, that works just as well.

3. Light your smudge stick of choice. Swirl it around yourself first to cleanse your own aura, absorbing subtle negativities. Then carry it all through your place. Let the smoke from the stick reach every corner inside each room and recite your intention for each corner.

4. Put a pinch of the sea salt in each main corner of your home to absorb any bad juju from your environment. If you don’t like to leave salt on the floor, you can place the salt in small bowls. Sweep it up and dump it after a month or so.

5. Now arrange and spread fresh flowers throughout your home as an offering to the prosperity of your dwelling. Take a moment to appreciate your rejuvenated space!

6. Soak your feet in warm Himalayan salt water to energetically cleanse yourself, too, or better yet, take a Himalayan salt bath.

Alternatively, try this speedy-cleanse

Mix a tablespoon of salt with 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and fill with water in a 16-ounce spray bottle. Close your eyes while you fill the bottle and visualize the water receiving the blessings of the universe for cleansing. Then go about your place and spray it liberally in every room for a quick energy clearing.

Using any of the following essential oils will work well for rejuvenating your space:

  • Lavender oil – soothing, helps reduce anxiety and emotional stress; improves sleep
  • Tea tree oil –  clears and refreshes musty areas with a medicinal woody aroma
  • Lemon oil – revitalizes and promotes a positive mood
  • Peppermint oil – improves mental focus; uplifting
  • Orange oil – uplifting and helps with mental fatigue
  • Sage oil – mentally stimulating and purifies the air
  • Cedar oil – grounding and relaxing; improves focus

The power of negative ions!

Negative ions are those atomic particles that help your brain absorb more oxygen, which you feel in the air when you visit a waterfall, go to the beach or step outside after a big storm. You can use negative ion generators in air purifiers or Himalayan salt lamps to add negative ions in your space.

Negative ions are great for your overall happiness. Researchers have found lots to love about negative ions. For instance:

  • These ions help naturally remove allergens, contaminants and germs from the air.
  • Negative ions have demonstrated effects similar to anti-depressants.
  • They can also help stop the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses in your place.
  • People with strong negative-ion producers experience less headaches and sleep better too.

Keeping your space energetically clean

Using these all-natural elements either separately or together can help you maintain an energetically clean space:

  • Put a few drops of essential oils in a diffuser to freshen the air.
  • Plug in some Himalayan salt lamps to help clear negativity and air pollutants.
  • Open up the windows whenever possible. The outside air moves energy and refreshes the space.
  • Get some natural crystal clusters and put them near your windows.
  • Add plants to your space.

For further reading about energetic space clearing, read “Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston or “Sacred Space” by Denise Linn.

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