Dissolving Pain

Les Fehmi, PhD and Jim Robbins
Dissolving Pain: Simple Brain-Training Exercises for Overcoming Chronic Pain (includes CD)
Trumpeter Books, Boston, MA 2010

A leader in brainwave biofeedback, Dr. Les Fehmi believes in the power of the brain. In Dissolving Pain he explains how to regulate and balance brainwave patterns to overcome pain. The old model of pain management (which is, unfortunately, still popular) believes injury sends out the pain signal so it is the injury that must be located and repaired to stop the pain. This idea is woefully limited and contradicts abundant research. Although pain is experienced in the physical body, it does not begin there. All pain is generated in the brain. The brain is the master control system that governs the nervous system, therefore pain needs to be resolved at the brain level. Using simple guided attention exercises called Open-Focus, chronic pain sufferers can dissolve physical, mental and even emotional pain. Open-Focus helps pain sufferers imagine "an experience space." Attention, and the perception of space, promotes beneficial healing brainwave patterns.

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