Essential Shiatsu

Essential Shiatsu: Essential Shiatsu for Troubled Times

Yuichi Kawada and Stephen Karcher, Trafalgar Square, Chicago, IL, 2010

Shiatsu (shi-fingers, atsu-pressure) is the Japanese art of finger pressure massage that primarily works with the Principal Meridians, the basic channels through which energy flows. Shiatsu heals preventively by seeking balance. Yet balance is something difficult to achieve in our industrialized and polluted world. Essential Shiatsu for Troubled Times introduces detailed ways to work with meridians to heal great imbalances. Shiatsu Master Yuichi Kawada's lifetime of practice and dedication lead him to develop Essential Shiatsu, which combines traditional shiatsu philosophy, technique and the wisdom of the I Ching. Essential Shiatsu is particularly focused on the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, special meridians that come to the rescue when the normal Principal Meridians are overloaded. These meridians can provide much needed support when an organ or system is in danger. Now for the first time in print, Kawada illustrates with full mapping how to stimulate the Eight Extraordinary Meridians with stretching and hand pressure.

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