Fish Tales: Stories and Recipes

Bart van Olphen & Tom Kime
Fish Tales: Stories and Recipes from Sustainable Fisheries around the World
Kyle Books, distributed by National Book Network, Lanham, MD 2010

Eat plenty of wild fish; don't contribute to the depletion of ocean stock. Our responsible place in the aquatic food chain is frequently confusing. Fish Tales, the combined effort of a fishmonger and a chef, guides seafood eaters through the open waters of responsible (and delicious) fish consumption. Traveling around the world to fisheries that use ocean-friendly fishing methods, Fish Talesis a fascinating narrative of hardworking fishermen. Each chapter highlights a fishery and a fish, and includes tempting ways to prepare the fresh catch. From California's albacore tuna to the hake of South Africa, Fish Talesis a cultural adventure and a seafood education. Over-fishing and declining fish stocks are a reality, yet sustainability is not new to indigenous people and communities that live in by the sea. For others, it's an economic necessity. "How else could you fish? If you catch all the fish in the ocean, you're out of a job."

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