Green Dog, Good Dog: Reducing Your Best Friend’s Carbon Paw Print

Dominique De Vito

Green Dog, Good Dog: Reducing Your Best Friend’s  Carbon Paw Print
Lark Books (Sterling  Publishing), New York, New York. 2009

There is a lot of focus on the carbon  footprint, but what about the carbon “paw” print? Feeding Fido highly processed  factory food and cleaning up using plastic “poop” bags that get tossed in  landfills definitely leaves paw prints on the environment. With over 70 million  dogs in the United States, 40 million households can make greener choices for  their beloved pooches. <em>Green Dog, Good  Dog </em>is a fun guide with action plans after each chapter to help dogs and  their owners join the Green Dog community. Information on commercial pet food  and options for greener feeding, as well as how to make clean-up a green-up,  and how to find a green veterinarian are some of the topics covered. American  pet owners spend $50 billion annually on their pets (most of it on mass  produced food). By spending greener, dogs will be happier and healthier, and so  will the planet.