Spirit of Change - Fall 2005

Gums Connect More Than Teeth

The old verse, "the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone…the thigh bone’s connected to the knee bone…the knee bone’s connected to the shin bone…" has significance beyond the skeleton.

Young Healers

What parent hasn’t looked at their child while he or she is in a constant state of motion, and wondered, “How could we focus that energy in a more positive direction?”

Career and Life Purpose

I cannot remember what exactly got me to point of complete exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed with my day to day routine, but I do know that I definitely reached that point....


Many of us take pride in our independence whether it is our ability to walk on our own or be able to make it on our own financially in the world.

Sound in Mind and Body

Many traditions consider sound the principal creative force in the universe. Everything in the world has its identity because of the periodicity and the regularity of its movement...

Musings: Life Purpose

For most people, work life plus commute time occupies about 30% of a week’s total 168 hours. That’s a big chunk of time and energy to invest in just about anything, considering sleep takes up another 30%.