Spirit of Change - July-August 2003

Three Keys to Successful Pregnancy

Since medical school, I have been fascinated with the customs of different cultures with respect to pregnancy and childbirth, having served as a health caregiver on several continents. Some customs were clearly wise; others had me questioning their value in light of their potential danger at such a delicate time.

Embracing Silence Can Change Your Life

In the twenty-first century, time may be more important than money. A recent survey by the University of Maryland found that 48 percent of low-to-middle-income Americans questioned said they would give up a day's pay each week in return for an extra day of free time.

"Impossible" Environmental Revolution Has Already Begun

espite little action on many critical issues at the recent World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, the beginning of 2003 reveals fresh evidence of humanity’s capacity to respond rapidly to unprecedented environmental and social threats.

Clarity Through Cancer

In March of 2002, I did what many people who are closing in on their 40th birthday do -- I took inventory of my life. After a short deliberation, I decided I needed a new home because I felt stifled by the warren-like floor plan and low ceilings of my ranch-style house.

Enemy Within

I would like to share some thoughts about what helps me deal more positively deal with the impressions and feelings about this increasingly ugly war against Iraq

Mayan Midwife Center Nears Completion

In January 2001, Spirit of Change asked readers to sponsor efforts to build a midwife/health center in Concepcion, Guatemala -- home to Felipe and Elena Ixcot, currently residents of Vermont, and honored elders attending the annual Harvest Gathering each year.

The Emerging Pro-Peace Culture

Since September 11th I have watched a fearful nation led by an administration hell bent on revenge go from victim to victimizer. This is what often happens when injustice occurs. You become the very thing that ravaged you.

The New America

As surely as renewed resentment and violence is brewing worldwide in response to the United States’ attack on Iraq, a New America is also being born out of the ashes of these recent world events.

Scott Ritter: Active Citizenship

Scott Ritter, a former UN Chief Weapons Inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998 is much in the news. Although a Republican he is also a vociferous critic of the Bush administration. Invited to the Netherlands by the Dutch Socialist Party, he gave a series of lectures and interviews

Letters To The Editor: July/August 2003

Dear Ms. Bedrosian, I read your paper often. It seems some of your readers are responding ("Letters to the Editor," Mar/Apr 2003) with political corrections with respect to Emmanuel Ortiz’s poem "Not In My Name" (Jan/Feb 2003).