Spirit of Change - July-August 2004

Embracing Simplicity

"Mental Health and Simple Living" was the title for the world’s first such symposium, held on January 31, 2004 at the prestigious Neuropsychiatric Institute of the University of California in Los Angeles, USA.

Laughter as Alternative Medicine

It is well known that a good laugh does you good, because every time you laugh you exercise seventeen different muscles in your face, it increases oxygen levels in the body and releases endorphins (feel good hormones) around your body.

Food For The Natural Living Pleasure Of It

Food For The Natural Living Pleasure Of It. They’re as varied as the experiences when we feel completely balanced, at peace and in a state of joy. For some it’s stretching out lazily and becoming completely absorbed in a great book.

Letters to the Editor: Jul-Aug 2004

Dear Judith, I'm writing to express approval of your recent article in Spirit of Change [“New Age Healing Mythology” by Judith Prebluda, Mar/Apr ’03]. I live in the Boston area, and have a friend who owns a New Age store.