Spirit of Change - November-December 2003

Fall Harvest Healthy Eating Recipes

All foods have their season, their time to display themselves in all their glory. And each season contributes a unique energy to these foods. Summer brings an expansive energy to foods to help cool us.

Dr. Curtis, the Rabbit Therapist

Dr. Curtis - Curtis provided the safe and loving atmosphere that was needed for these stories to be heard, a job which he well suited, especially with his extra long, beautiful, velvety smooth, floppy ears.

Here Kitty Kitty! The Great Mountain Lion Hunt

Right before I headed out to mentor some workshops at this year’s Spirit of Change annual Harvest Gathering in Ashby, MA, I got an email from a good friend of mine, concerning a potential mountain lion that was exhibiting the classic signs of a big cat about to go bad.

Animal Stories

I have had many experiences of “knowing” what my dog was thinking but there was one episode when communication went beyond knowing and it transformed our relationship…