Spirit of Change - September-October 2002

Summer's Harvest Recipes

Fall is approaching and that means harvest time! This is my favorite season because, to me, nothing beats an early morning visit to local farmer’s markets. The selection of produce is at its peak and the colorful displays are exciting and inspiring.

Think About It

You live in a universe of law and order. Everyday in every way, you create the reality of your life through your conscious thoughts and feelings, desires and wishes, attitudes and beliefs.

Dancing Before Breakfast

The following channeled dialogue that I had two and a half years ago with St. Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century German mystic and composer and one of my spiritual guides, concerns an electrical event which my guide created.

Grandfather William Commanda Passes

I was looking over past "Musings" columns in Spirit of Change and I noticed a little trend in my writing inspired by the spiritual gathering in Maniwaki, Quebec which I attend each August.