Spirit of Change - Spring 2016

The Gift of the Empath

To a certain degree, we are all empathic; it’s programmed into our DNA. As hunter/gatherers, we needed to know when wild animals were about, follow the changes in weather patterns, or where to find our next meal.

Slow Down

Cultivating a slower inner speed is essential to being present and not missing your own life. When you slow down, there is the space to give, receive, connect and enjoy a satisfying life.

Labeling Our Future

Currently, 64 countries around the world have labeling requirements for genetically engineered foods but the U.S is not one of them.

Awaken Your Nature Awareness

Waking up one’s nature awareness is a process of sharpening all of our senses to perceive more of what’s going on around us. It means discovering a sense of individual belonging in a story that’s as big as Earth itself.

Spring/Summer 2016 Book Reviews

Trying to avoid GMO's, animal testing and reduce the amount of synthetic ingredients in your life? Leave the harsh ingredient filled commercial soaps on the shelf and try making your own!

Musings: SOS — Save Our Soil!

If you want to learn more about nature, bring a child into your life. My 18-month-old granddaughter, Bella, loves nothing more than walking outside, exploring sticks, stones and plants, and sifting dirt through her fingers.