Memories of the Afterlife

Michael Newton, Ph.D., Editor

Memories of the Afterlife: Life-Between-Lives, Stories of Personal Transformation
Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, MN 2009

Hypnotherapy is used by many therapists to assist in reaching a subject's hidden memories, sometimes revealing past lives. Dr. Michael Newton's work as a counselor and master hypnotherapist moves beyond past life work to uncover a more meaningful soul experience in a place he calls life-between-lives, or LBL. Through intensive spiritual hypnotic regression Dr. Newton's technique helps hypnosis subjects vividly recall their definite purpose in life. It also joyfully and tangibly illuminates that real personhood is not lost at physical death. In Memories of the Afterlife: Life-Between-Lives Dr. Newton combines the actual client case histories of over thirty hypnotherapy sessions with certified LBL therapists from around the world. Though clients come from unique cultures, ranging from Europe, the Americas, South Africa and Australia, the similarities each experience during the life-between-life regressions cross geographic lines and are truly fascinating. Each chapter is devoted to an individual session and is written in question and answer form, revealing the authentic progression of a LBL session.

Dr. Newton’s first experience with a life-between-life case was in 1968. His approach to clients in need of behavior modification was traditional at that time, not metaphysical. A woman came to him with the problem of feeling chronically lonely, though she was social and otherwise well. She yearned to be with "old friends." During hypnosis, Dr. Newton tried to establish if her missing friends were from childhood, and as they regressed her further he was baffled to find her crying with happiness. Her missing friends weren't from her current past, or even from a past life. "I'm in-between — in the spirit world," she reported. "My soul group is all HERE!" Though this first LBL case of Dr. Newton's isn't as complex as many of the others presented, the story highlights the comfort and contentment found examining a life-between-lives. — Gail Lord