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Third Rock from the Sun

When I was growing up I formed my feelings about the Earth in several ways: 1) childhood experiences in Nature, 2) the cultural bias of my youth 3) somewhat scientific information available through various channels. Luckily Nature won out.

Clarity Through Cancer

In March of 2002, I did what many people who are closing in on their 40th birthday do -- I took inventory of my life. After a short deliberation, I decided I needed a new home because I felt stifled by the warren-like floor plan and low ceilings of my ranch-style house.

Enemy Within

I would like to share some thoughts about what helps me deal more positively deal with the impressions and feelings about this increasingly ugly war against Iraq

Mayan Midwife Center Nears Completion

In January 2001, Spirit of Change asked readers to sponsor efforts to build a midwife/health center in Concepcion, Guatemala -- home to Felipe and Elena Ixcot, currently residents of Vermont, and honored elders attending the annual Harvest Gathering each year.

The Emerging Pro-Peace Culture

Since September 11th I have watched a fearful nation led by an administration hell bent on revenge go from victim to victimizer. This is what often happens when injustice occurs. You become the very thing that ravaged you.

Karen Krieger Memorial Service Eulogy

Dear Friends, Thank you for all the kind messages, phone calls and Reiki as the Reiki communities of New England and Russia mourn the death of Karen Kreiger who died suddenly at her home on October 31st.

Musings: The Power of One

Good health. To love and be loved. Inner peace. Imagine a life lived in the fullness of these three qualities and you might find yourself reflecting upon the ideal human existence.

Daily Astrology

August 2, 2021

The Leo Sun's opposition to Saturn underscores the fragility of some ties. The “make it or break it” alignment begs compelling questions. Is time being spent on rewarding pursuits? Has an activity or relationship outlived...


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