Most Good, Least Harm


Zoe Weil
Most Good, Least Harm: A Simple Principle for a Better World and Meaningful Life

Atria/Beyond Words, New York/ Hillsboro, OR, 2009

“Only those who act rightly are truly happy.” Socrates words are ancient, but Humane educator Zoe Weil knows they have the power to change our world. Weil’s Most Good, Least Harm is a guidebook for acting rightly, for living a MOGO life. MOGO (most good) is the act of making daily choices consciously and with integrity to create the most good and least harm to our community, animals and the planet. MOGO promotes green living, but its main focus is the positive impact of every day decisions. A starting point to the Seven Keys to MOGO is Live Your Epitaph. Write down how you’d like to be remembered and intentionally start living your life legacy now. Weil shares this epitaph by friend Khalif: “Khalif Williams gave all he had, took only what he needed and would have loved you with all his heart.” Live your MOGO values. Change the world.