Stars of the Meadow

David Dalton

Stars of the Meadow: Exploring Medicinal Herbs as Flower Essences
Lindisfarne Books, Greater Barrington, MA 2006

David Dalton first explored medicinal herbs and flowers using a scientific western approach: ingest something and passively wait for results. Yet this limited methodology ignored the metaphysical power and potential of the flower treatment. It is the living vibration of the plant in the flower essence that temporarily changes or shifts the chakra system and restores balance. Stars of the Meadow: Exploring Medicinal Herbs as Flower Essences reflects Dalton's twenty years of expansive research on the energetic workings of flower essences in relation to health and healing. Healing comes from matching a flower's vibration and qualities to the energetic needs of an individual's specific chakra. Actively participating by "listening" inside after taking a flower essence also often amplifies the effect of the therapy.


Star of the Meadow provides an easy to understand framework of the chakras, the primary organs of the human energy system. Understanding the chakras and how energy moves through the system is key to diagnosing and treating with flower essences. The current health of our chakras can be influenced by traumatic events, including events experienced in childhood. Since traumas lodge primarily in the first three chakras, this is where the work of flower essence treatment begins. When an individual has been mistreated, for example, Motherwort will help close the second chakra, the chakra of relationship and pleasure. Missouri Primrose, on the other hand, will help a person to take in energy by opening the second chakra. Star of the Meadow includes descriptions of over forty flower essences, explains how each affects the chakra system and adult personality, and offers recommended dosages for treatment. Flower essences are natural and safe, and suggested use for children and animals is also presented with each flower. Order a copy here