The '12 Lunar Calendar

Nancy FW Passmore, editor
The '12 Lunar Calendar: Dedicated to the Goddess In Her Many Guises
Luna Press, Boston, MA, 36th edition

The '12 Lunar Calendar is a wonderful tribute to the Mother of Nature and to the first calendar makers, women. Noting the relationship between fertility cycles and the phases of the moon, women have been tracking the lunar cycles for over 50,000 years. Now celebrating its 36th edition, The Lunar Calendar honors a sacred tree for each of the thirteen lunations. The lunar year starts with The Birch, the tree of inception whose message is "You may begin." Each month illustrates the moon's changes and features inspired artwork and poetry. A wonderful learning tool, astronomical and astrological moon-data are included, as is "How to Use Your Lunacy!" a complete instructional guide that moves step by step through a sample lunar month. A moon gardening chart and a complete year at a glance are also included. The '12 Lunar Calendar is a delightful moon-loving alternative to the standard solar calendar!

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