The Healing Consciousness

Beth Baughman Dupree, M.D.

The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor's Journey to Healing
Wovenword Press, Boulder, CO 2006

Dr. Beth Dupree carries a variety of tools in her doctor's kit. As a surgeon focusing on breast cancer care, she's trained in Western medicine. But she's also a Master Level Reiki practitioner who uses Reiki in the operating room. She channels angels, does past life regression work, and offers yoga, guided imagery and other holistic practices to her patients. Her role as a physician, she feels, is not to cure patients, but to be a facilitator in their healing process. Curing is not the goal; healing is. But this message wasn't taught in medical school, and it took Dr. Dupree many years to fully awaken to her role as healer. She shares her inspiring professional and spiritual transformation in The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor's Journey to Healing.

Writing in a warm and personal style, Dr. Dupree reveals the enormous role synchronicity plays in her life. Adventures on a Greek island and stories of patients and family are the backdrop for many of her lessons. When a best friend is diagnosed with cancer, and a fellow physician with Lou Gehrig's disease, Dr. Dupree learns in no uncertain terms that concentrating on the physical body isn't enough. The thousands of surgeries she has performed makes her "keenly aware of the importance of connecting with the heart chakra energy in my patients. "Working with Raphael, the angel of healing, she sees a patient as a whole person, not simply a body to examine and repair.

 As a board certified surgeon, Dr. Dupree is grateful for her excellent Western medical training. But the doctor she is today encompasses much more. Amidst the world of hospitals and state-of-the-art medical technology, her journey reveals that the human spirit is, unequivocally, a factor in healing. "I know that cold steel is not what heals, but the love and warmth that emanates sincerely from my heart." — Gail Lord