Author: Gail Lord

Spring/Summer 2019 Book Reviews

Clinical herbalist Melanie St. Ours is passionate about self-care. In The Simple Guide to Natural Health she shares cost-effective, natural remedies that you can make at home to awaken your senses, encourage prevention, and safely heal and support your health.

Fall/Winter 2018 Book Reviews

As lawmakers introduce new legislation to federally Free the Weed, many states already acknowledge the legal right of cannabis to be a plant, an herb adults can choose to use recreationally and medicinally.

Spring/Summer 2018 Book Reviews

The premature fatalism that pervades the cancer world, combined with a rush into conventional treatment, means that patients overlook personalized integrative and alternative options that can be tremendously beneficial to their survival.

Fall/Winter 2016 Book Reviews

Like our founding fathers, Steven Dinan has high ideals for America. Fortunately, his perfect union also includes all races, genders, religions, fellow global inhabitants and planet Earth.

Spring/Summer 2016 Book Reviews

Trying to avoid GMO's, animal testing and reduce the amount of synthetic ingredients in your life? Leave the harsh ingredient filled commercial soaps on the shelf and try making your own!

Fall/Winter 2015 Book Reviews

Offering Metta — loving kindness — to those around us, or even to ourselves, interrupts unhappy situations and helps soothe stormy emotions. Metta, a practice so simple a child can do it, is the lesson thoughtfully illustrated in Peace, Bugs and Understanding.