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How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

The energies we emit from our auric field, and more specifically our emotional body, often are taken in by those closest to us, i.e., our children, siblings, parents and other loved ones.

Links to the Beyond

“Seeing My Aunt Again” is a story that is difficult to tell, not because of the emotions it evokes, which are more closely related to joy than anything else, but because the symptoms of the experience seem almost cliché.

Career and Life Purpose

I cannot remember what exactly got me to point of complete exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed with my day to day routine, but I do know that I definitely reached that point....


In the early 1980s when we still lived in the Soviet Union, we never questioned the contents and the effects of the paint we used to paint our house, the fertilizer we spread in our garden, and the food we had in our refrigerator.

Elder Wisdom

My 3 sisters and I learned our values and strengths by our parent’s teachings and by the way they lived and conducted themselves…

Rainbow Spirit

Last Christmas I flew from Boston to Evansville, Indiana, to visit my 94-year-old father who lives in a nursing home there. He and I have been on a long, at times extremely difficult, journey together since my mother’s death 8 years ago.

Animal Stories

I have had many experiences of “knowing” what my dog was thinking but there was one episode when communication went beyond knowing and it transformed our relationship…