Spirit of Change - Fall 2016

Astrological Forecast For Fall/Winter 2016

As a young student hungry for truth and spiritual knowledge, I learned about the connection between the natural elements and life. Fire corresponds to the animating life force, earth to the physical body, air to the mental processes and water to emotions.

Discover Your Soul’s Life Purpose

Being on a transformational path is empowering. Whether you meditate, study with a teacher, or are involved in a personal growth process, you transcend old patterns and get to know yourself as more than who you thought you were.

Expanding Sufi Mysteries Of Breath

Take a breath. Feel the air passing through your nose, the chest rises and falls, the belly relaxes. What are you thinking while breathing? Maybe you aren’t thinking, because when you focus on the breath, the body and the mind calms.

Seven Home Design Elements To Help Children Learn Language

Children's language development can be enhanced through home design. Families can evaluate how their home supports speaking and listening for both children and adults. Many design solutions can be identified and economically implemented that enhance language development. Consider the following seven home design elements and solutions.

The (R)Evolution In Mental Healthcare — Brazilian Style

Currently an epidemic of mental health disorders plagues the U.S. One in five Americans is estimated to be taking one or more prescribed psychiatric medications, despite their many advertised side effects. However, optimizing wellbeing without psych meds is possible, something many Brazilians have been doing for more than 100 years.

The Resiliency Quotient

“Life is not for chickens” one of my friends said to me, shaking his head, as he listened to the litany of my recent 18 months. “You are the most resilient person I have ever known.” These words gave me a moment to pause and reflect.

Serendipity Leads to Revolutionary Ergonomic Design

We live in a square Western culture, but ergonomics are based on round and moving centrifugally. As a furniture designer living and working in a small fishing village in downeast Maine back in 2009, I was working on a solution for surviving a faltering economy when serendipity struck.

Creative Responses To The Pains Of Change

We can avoid neither pain nor change, inevitable factors in our human condition. However, there is always a way through these factors and the possibility to come out better, not worse, by transforming negative energies into something more life sustaining.

Vani Hari And The Food Revolution

Vani Hari, also known as The Food Babe, discovered first hand the extraordinary power of social media when she launched her blog foodbabe.com in 2011 to educate others about the hidden toxins in our food.

Fall/Winter 2016 Book Reviews

Like our founding fathers, Steven Dinan has high ideals for America. Fortunately, his perfect union also includes all races, genders, religions, fellow global inhabitants and planet Earth.