Spirit of Change - November-December 2004

Energetic Knick-Knacks

How many times do we make a mistake of falling in love with the wrong person? You’re attracted to someone, and feel an affinity or connection.

Can You, Too, Live to 122?

Life insurance actuaries earn a good living by staking wagers on how long you are likely to live. They tell us that when you are turning eleven years old, you have the best chance of living to see your next birthday.

Stretching Out of Depression

We all feel a little blue from time to time. But when those blues turn into a seemingly never-ending tunnel of black, it may be a signal that you are suffering from depression and a nudge from the universe to look for help.

Cooking with Kids

The celebration of community elders is a way of life practiced by many traditional cultures around the world.

Elder Wisdom

My 3 sisters and I learned our values and strengths by our parent’s teachings and by the way they lived and conducted themselves…

Silver Leaf Wisdom

“No seat should be empty in any church or house of worship of any denomination,” says Deacon Randy Green, director of the Silver Leaf Gospel Singers for nearly 60 years. “The church gives a spiritual underpinning to people’s lives and builds community.”

A Simple Plan to Save the World

Ending extreme poverty, disease, environmental degradation, war? We asked one of the world's most influential economists--adviser to Kofi Annan and Bono alike--what would have to be done to put the world on a course to do exactly that. What follows is his modest little plan.

The Choice This Year Is Between Empire and Democracy

Having lived in Germany and extensively interviewed many former, now elderly, members of Hitler's Nazi Party (and one spy for him) for a book I was writing on the religion of the Nazis, I can say categorically that Hitler had (or at least his people believed he had) a Vision.

Musings: Elder Wisdom

I have heard it mentioned before that “elder” is an ageless term. People with the wisdom of elders can enter into our lives when they are babies, teaching us throughout our entire lives.