Spirit of Change - Winter 2006

The Wisdom of Herbal Pet Care

"Dogs resemble the nation which creates them," stated Gertrude Stein, back in 1940. Not surprisingly, veterinarians today report a tremendous increase in the amount of cancer and heart disease in their patients.

Healing Pain

The body wants to be well. Knowing this fact, and reminding ourselves always that it is possible, encourages us to make changes within ourselves towards total wellness.

God Working Through Dog

He has the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel. He laughs, he smiles, he winks. He dreams of walks on the beach, snacks and his beloved tennis ball.

Musings: Animals Healthcare

While the power and mystery of wild animals such as the eagle, the lion or the whale inspires many of our spiritual myths, it’s our bonding with domesticated animals that bridges the human and non-human animal worlds the best.

Letters To The Editor

Every patient is looking for a good healer. Even the healthy ones are too. But few realize a healer can only do so much for them. Yes, herbs, pills, surgery, acupuncture…these all help.