Author: Rosemary Gladstar

Fire Cider Goes To Court

No matter what the outcome, we’ve won simply by standing up for what we believed in, speaking our truth, and standing strong for our herbal traditions.

Fire Cider Trademark Court Date Set For March 25

It is time to stand up for our herbal legacy! Our enduring hope is that Fire Cider and other traditional herbal recipes will be put in a category that protects them from future trademarking, which will allow everyone to continue to make and sell these traditional herbal recipes.

Dear Fire Cider Friends

Many of you have been writing asking, “What’s up with Fire Cider? What should we do next?”...

Planting The Future Through United Plant Savers

These eastern deciduous forests were a different world from the ancient redwood groves of Northern California where I'd grown up. The first thing I noticed in the earliest days after my arrival in New England was that there were few truly old trees in the forest.