Spirit of Change - Fall 2015

Awaken Your Intuitive Relationship to Food

In today’s food-obsessed culture we’re inundated with people talking about the benefits of going vegan, eating gluten-free, removing sugar from our diets and more. While all these choices might be excellent health options, oftentimes they’re presented in the form of “guilt marketing.”

Fall/Winter 2015 Book Reviews

Offering Metta — loving kindness — to those around us, or even to ourselves, interrupts unhappy situations and helps soothe stormy emotions. Metta, a practice so simple a child can do it, is the lesson thoughtfully illustrated in Peace, Bugs and Understanding.

Teaching What Matters Most

In light of the latest school shooting, we are once again reminded of how ill equipped our children are to deal with stress. Anonymous commentators spout off in news articles about everything from gun laws to bad parenting to mental illness and bullying.


How have polar bear populations in the Arctic been faring since the U.S. put them on its endangered species list in 2008, and what efforts are underway to protect them?

The Feng Shui of Food

Feng shui and food correspond in many practical and essential ways, just like feng shui and money or feng shui and love.

Musings: Embracing Life Change

A favorite postcard tacked up on my wall is from writer Nancy Slonim Aronie of Chilmark Writer’s Workshop fame on Martha’s Vineyard. Xeroxed across the front of her happy family photo is a typewritten strip: “Right now is exactly where you are supposed to be.”

10 Tips for Quickly Relieving Stress

Let’s face it. Life is stressful. And when we are under stress we suffer. It’s bad for our health. So it’s helpful to have a few stress-busting techniques to reach for when it starts to creep up on you.

The Golden-ness of the Light

I see with a poet’s eye toward beauty. The tiniest discoveries delight me. The sleek vole who scurried beneath my pot of portulaca. The grasshopper, pretending to be a peony leaf. The mourning dove feathers I’ve been so tenderly collecting, and now I’ve met the birds, sitting sweetly in my garden.

We're All Just Walking Each Other Home

That night — her last night — as I sat quietly in her room, I thought about the woman my mother had been. She had raised a family of seven children born seventeen years apart. At age 53, she set out to fulfill her lifelong dream of obtaining a college degree.

Healthy Eating: Roasties and Sea Salt

Roasties are so simple and delicious that they are regulars at my table. I serve them as side dishes, taco fillings, and even savory breakfasts in place of home fries. They’re a great accompaniment to non-vegetarian meals to encourage your family to eat more vegetables.