Spirit of Change - Spring 2019

How To Love Yourself Truly And Deeply

Do you believe you deserve to be loved? How do you show love to yourself on a moment-to-moment basis? Read this article with a pen and paper and use it as a mini workshop to explore your own relationship with yourself.

Self-Care at Midlife

The third stage of life, midlife, is real and important, and it requires a new kind of inner adventure, writes self-care celebrity author and guru Cheryl Richardson.

Spring/Summer 2019 Book Reviews

Clinical herbalist Melanie St. Ours is passionate about self-care. In The Simple Guide to Natural Health she shares cost-effective, natural remedies that you can make at home to awaken your senses, encourage prevention, and safely heal and support your health.

Is It Selfish To Take Time For Self-Care?

As a functional medicine and Oriental medicine doctor seeing patients with complex chronic diseases, I admit my perspective may be skewed. However, it seems to me as if a majority of our culture is excessively worried and maintains an unhealthfully busy schedule.