Spirit of Change - Spring 2007

EarthTalk: Hemp

Dear EarthTalk: A number of products, including paper and clothing — even food and beer — are made from hemp. What is it about hemp that makes it so versatile, and why is it illegal to grow in the United States? Is it also illegal in Canada?

Born Great

Lying dormant inside each of us is a creative genius waiting patiently to escape, to manifest itself and to realize its potential.

Living This Sweet Life

How can we begin to understand the nature of simplicity, here in the Western world? Is our restlessness symptomatic of a deeper yearning to know our sense of place more profoundly?

Musings: Spring 2007

My friend, Lori, sent me this poem which I tacked up on the wall. I especially appreciate the line about grumbling, because it encourages me to keep my life simple.

Relax Your Way to a Healthy Weight

  My body and I have had a turbulent relationship. Some of my earliest memories are of racing through the fragrant pine forest behind my house, crawling through the underbrush to scout the best site for the girls’ tree fort. We played tomboy games of escape in the summer twilight.

Return to Eden

As I was walking the path leading to the Giant Steps on Bailey’s Island in Harpswell, MA, the voice of the surf splashing rhythmically upon the rocky seashore sang out to me.