Spirit of Change - Spring 2011

Heal Others, Heal Yourself

It’s known internationally as Reconnective Healing: "Information Medicine", a remarkable new transformative paradigm in healing that has been learned by more than 60,000 people around the world.

42 Ways Not To Make Trash

{source} {/source} Taking what he learned from his experiment, No Impact Man Colin Beavan offers 42 tips to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

Healthy Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

This cake is sure to please. It is completely free of all sugar and grains, yet it tastes just like the coffee cake you might buy at your local coffee house...

A Call For Intimacy

The last couple of years I have been teaching art classes to war veterans. Most of my students are male, but last spring...

8 Cheap Ways to Eat Vegan

Eating vegan, or veganish, is about choosing to disengage from an industry that makes us sick, abuses animals, pollutes the planet, and squanders precious resources.

Gardening for Life

I had no plans to become a gardener. It just happened, quite unexpectedly. And it completely changed the focus and quality of my daily life.

Feng Shui House Lift

Hi Lynn,We live in a small condo and there is only one place for the couch — on the same wall as the entrance. It feels uncomfortable. Any ideas? — Snail Mail