Author: Annie B. Kay

Are Minimally Processed Foods Healthy?

Life can be confusing and so it is with food. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nearly 70% of our food is refined, yet we are told processed food is bad — unhealthy, right?

A Kitchen Ecology Of Health Resilience

When we find ourselves on the cusp of fall, it’s back-to-school and life seems to speed up, buckle down and get more serious again. Fall’s harbinger comes as the first crisp wind. We transition from outside to in and think of soup and tea.

Relax Your Way to a Healthy Weight

  My body and I have had a turbulent relationship. Some of my earliest memories are of racing through the fragrant pine forest behind my house, crawling through the underbrush to scout the best site for the girls’ tree fort. We played tomboy games of escape in the summer twilight.