Spirit of Change - July-August 2005

Traveling in a Group

Rajesh had a special relationship with his grandfather. He learned from him how to fight. Rajesh is a devotee of Kâlarippayat, an ancient martial art that developed in southern India.


In the early 1980s when we still lived in the Soviet Union, we never questioned the contents and the effects of the paint we used to paint our house, the fertilizer we spread in our garden, and the food we had in our refrigerator.

What Is A Conservative?

Definitions in Webster's dictionary include "tending to preserve old institutions, methods, customs, and the like;" and "modest, prudent, safe.

Musings: Home Around the World

A dear friend of mine insists that our world would be a much better place today if people had stayed in their own lands throughout history and did not migrate or explore.