Spirit of Change - Winter 2007

Stevia: Nature's Sweet Little Secret

If you want to decrease your sugar intake and are concerned about the safety of artificially manufactured non-caloric sweeteners such as Splenda®, Sweet ’n Low® or Equal®, then consider using stevia.

Test Before You Ingest

For years, in search of the cure for a deep relentless bellyache and inability to digest anything, I tried nearly every diet intervention that I ran across.

Journey Into The Amazon

It was the winter of 1994, and I traveled upriver in the Amazon, away from the remote frontier town of Iquitos. As we traveled further and further upriver each day...

Clay As A Remedy

The four essential elements offered to us from Earth — earth, air, fire and water — have tremendous healing power. While clay is not a cure all, it is a natural remedy that can have an enormous impact on body mind and spirit when used in a variety of different ways.

Living With a Nature Lover

My husband has four pairs of glasses. He also has three toothbrushes, three different kinds of shampoo, and an entire duffel bag full of health and beauty aids that he carries around with him whenever he goes on overnight trips.

Winter’s Mysteries

The silence of a frozen swamp at dusk deep in snow is close to the moment of pure being when one breath is exhaled before another is drawn in.

Cultural Crossroads: Columbus Day

"Gold is most excellent; gold constitutes treasure; and he who has it does all he wants in the world, and can even lift souls up to Paradise."- Christopher Columbus, 1503 letter to the king and queen of Spain.

The Guatemala Midwives Project

Maya medicine for many thousands of years has a sort of trinity formed by Mother Ixchel, and the great couple of Citbolontún and Itzamná. These last two worked to discover the medicinal strengths of plants.