Spirit of Change - Winter 2012

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1/5 — ANTI-AGING NUTRITION TIPS TO STAY YOUNG with Kristine Bahr, licensed nutritionist. 12-1pm. Get in Shape for Women, 218 Washington Street, Brookline, MA. To sign up, call Jessica at (617) 775-7562. Open house following, 1-3pm. www.kbahr.co. 1/6 — WORLD…

Musings: Taking Back the Power To Cure

How much of the national debt could be slashed by shifting to a natural healthcare model that educates people about how to feel better, live longer and successfully take charge of their health at home instead of in a doctor’s office?

Yoga Injuries and Healings Are Both Real

All too often the loudest voices are talking about the extremes when the more important discussion lies somewhere in the middle. I believe this is the case with Yoga.

Why did Solyndra Fail?

In an election year when mudslinging is at its peak, reports of solar energy manufacturer Solyndra's bankruptcy in September 2011 drew immediate criticism and fingerpointing since the company had received millions of dollars in loan guarantees from...