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Think About It

You live in a universe of law and order. Everyday in every way, you create the reality of your life through your conscious thoughts and feelings, desires and wishes, attitudes and beliefs.

Dancing Before Breakfast

The following channeled dialogue that I had two and a half years ago with St. Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century German mystic and composer and one of my spiritual guides, concerns an electrical event which my guide created.

Walking: Primordial Rediscovery

The experience of walking is primordial. All land-based creatures, great and small, do it. Humans have been relying on this primary activity of daily life for as long as we have been around.

Dear Louise - January 2002

Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical teacher and the bestselling author of 27 books, including You Can Heal Your Life, Empowering Women, and Letters to Louise...

Gaia In Our Hearts

Free of birth or destruction, of time or space, of form or condition, is the Void. From the eternal Void, Gaia danced forth and rolled Herself into a spinning ball. She molded mountains along Her spine, valleys in the hollows of Her flesh...

Premarin Foal Rescue

Like many young girls fourteen-years-old, Cory Lester adores horses. She started saving up her pennies and dimes for one when she was four, and two years ago bought a bay thoroughbred cross named Rosie, competing with her in dressage and quadrille shows.

Daily Astrology

September 24, 2023

From early morning until late afternoon the Capricorn Moon forms alignments with the three outermost planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The cosmos encourages meaningful social connections, inner attunement, creativity and introspection. Listen to the proverbial...


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