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Good News Headlines 1/26/16

In the state of South Australia, wind erosion is a huge problem, exacerbating droughts and making farming exponentially more difficult. One farmer came up with perhaps the prettiest solution we've ever seen…

Weekly Musings: Ageless Medicine

One of the perks of being a magazine publisher is receiving advance review copies from book publishers. Due to the rise of e-book publishing, the volume received is one tenth of what it was ten years, or even five years ago, but occasionally a flurry of books arrives on a single topic that makes me want to know what all the buzz is about.

Good News Headlines 1/12/16

On the heels of President Obama’s gun reform speech, fiery conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly made a surprising statement criticizing senseless pro-gun ideology, taking on the pro-gun lobby…

Weekly Musings: My Immunity Challenge

During 2015 I noticed my immune system weakened as I fell victim to sinus headaches, colds, coughs, a flu and tooth decay. For years I have enjoyed very good health with only minor ailments, all of which I use natural medicine to treat, so I was surprised to see this giant crop of symptoms seemingly sprout up like an overnight mushroom patch.

Good News Headlines 1/5/16

  How Zanzibar’s Butterfly Farmers Are Saving The Environment by Aarian Marshall, Good Magazine Charcoal is big business in Zanzibar, the East African archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. The World Bank estimates that 90 percent of the region’s energy…

Good News Headlines 12/29/15

Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts workers are expected to see a boost in pay on Jan. 1 when the state’s hourly minimum wage increases from $9 to $10 per hour…

Weekly Musings: Where Does ISIS Get Its Funding?

Despite the boredom of having to sit through pundits, promises and data breach discussions during the Democratic debate on Saturday night, I was startled awake at one point to realize how stark the divide is between the Democratic and Republican visions for America.

Weekly Musings: Every Little Bit Helps

Last week at the Natural Living Expo I bought some alpaca felted dryer balls from Plain View Alpaca Farm. It’s winter and my clothes have taken on a life of their own from the static electricity in my dryer.

Weekly Musings: Expo Afterglow

I believe this is the first year I actually enjoyed the Natural Living Expo! While I dearly love the expo, the staff, vendors, speakers and all the 9000 attendees who somehow find parking spaces, producing an event this big makes you reach deep, both during the weekend production and all the months preceding.

Good News Headlines 11/17/15

Starting in 2016, Rabbi Albert Guigui will be joined by Bishop Johan Bonny and Imam Khalid Benhaddou as the faces of diversity and coexistence on a new postage stamp put out by Belgian post office.

Good News Headlines 11/10/15

Turns out Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, a self-proclaimed feminist, is not just a pretty face on some capaign posters—he’s also serious about his commitment to gender equality…