Spirit of Change - Summer 2012

New Days Conference Giveaway

      Enter here to win a ticket to the New Days Conference — Living the Dream on Saturday, September 21, 2013 in Dedham, MA. Learn more about the event here   Each ticket includes: • Five inspirational speakers…

All August 2012 Events

8/4 — BODY ALIVE INTRODUCTION TO AWARENESS TRAINING. 9-1pm. This 4-hour class brings you into the present moment. Become body alive. We will cover grounding, your aura, running earth and cosmic energy. You will have a better understanding of your…

All July 2012 Events

7/1 — COLON THERAPY SYNERGETIC HEALING. Understand how the inclusion of colon therapy integrates with medical treatments and complementary modalities to complete your whole body healing. Q&A, demonstrations with 5 collaborating therapists, and more. 10am-2pm. $100. Held at Lifetime Health…

Healthy Summer Fast Food

The New England growing season really kicks into high gear by mid-summer and it's a wonderful time to stop by a farmer's market and see what is available.

Feng Shui Advice Soothes Grief

Dear Lynn,My husband passed away 2 months ago. I am here alone now in the home we shared. If you were living in this house under these circumstances, what changes might you make?